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Shootings: How our media creates new perpetrators

However, the author should already be aware that the "Werther Effect" is highly controversial, since there can be no question of a "wave" of suicides in the wake of Goethe's novel. In the current incidents, too, one cannot speak of it. Fortunately, rampages are things that don't happen every day, even if the impression might arise now.
I also don't think that the media should keep silent about such excesses, because that way there is no discourse about how we can make social efforts to prevent this. We have to ask ourselves why people feel so cornered that they see no other way out than to take the life of themselves and others. It has to hurt at this point so that there is an awareness of how this system in which we live treats us and our fellow human beings. There are reasons why people radicalize themselves, why they withdraw into virtual worlds, why they look for ways and means to break out of the apparent insignificance only once.
This has a lot to do with the ideals that capitalist thought conveys to us. "You have something, you have something" - that's where it starts. Conversely, this means that you are nothing if you have nothing. This is where fear begins and fear can quickly turn into aggression. Aggression towards oneself, towards others or towards society, which assumes one is worthless. I consider these conditions to be more decisive than the media reappraisal of crimes like the ones we are currently experiencing. In addition, there is the image of masculinity that is communicated by society and that urgently needs to be subjected to an emancipatory paradigm shift. We have to convey that self-doubt and feelings of inferiority must be allowed and have nothing to do with weakness. And that we turn to people who have such feelings.
If the diagnosis "narcissism" is already used to explain the actions of Tim K., Robert Steinhäuser or Anders Breivik, then we should also direct our attention to the fact that these people themselves were confronted with a lot of narcissistic behaviors in their lives. Bullying is nothing more than belittling a person with the aim of enhancing oneself. By definition, this is called "narcissism". And these behaviors are also widespread in society. Anyone who does not have a high income, has not completed a great school education with great grades, receives from all sides that they are worth nothing. Read the comments on the unemployed? There is hardly any solidarity, only malicious hostility and accusations. And that's just one population group that's being treated that way. The same thing happens with refugees and pensioners. There is talk of parasites who steal jobs or who "burn up" our tax money in order to make a supposedly beautiful life for themselves. Such views are not only wrong, but also cross-dangerous.

To bring my comment to the end: Perhaps the current incidents are an urgent appeal to us to fix our eyes on what is happening around us, to show solidarity with the "weak" and to get rid of our damn arrogance. We have to go back to humanism if our world can be as safe and comfortable as possible. There is no other way.