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CHAPTER THREE - LIGHTING the fire of life force through KUNDALINI WORSHIP



CHAPTER SIX - THE FNF FACES OF KUNDALINI ie the five streams of energy


Eighth chapter - the ocean of consciousness entangled in the bag with six chakras

CHAPTER NINE This body is the memory of the vault of 7 stones


CHAPTER ELF - Goddess Kundalini, Indweller IN THE Mooladhar CHAKRA


Chapter thirteen - easy to take but difficult to give

CHAPTER FOURTEEN - Divine powers have their roots in the FAMILY OF Kundalini Shakti chakra

CHAPTER Fifteen - Awakening the FEMALE SERPRENT ... ... uplifting DIVINE POWER-

CHAPTER SIXTEEN - Spiritual Practices for a New Creation


CHAPTER EIGHTEEN - THE DEEP IMPORT BY KUNDALINI Asceticism and necessary guidance

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I bow to Goddess Bhagwati and Jagadguru Shriram Again and again I bow to you lotus.

Like a mother, you behind us and like a father you show us the way. I bow, O Teacher, with Faith and Divine Wisdom.

Like God is the mother of the world and Shriram is the teacher of the world. I bow into the sacred feet of both of them, as they are full of faith and divine wisdom.

I bow, you O teacher who is a representative of Gayatri. His nectarine words destroy the poison of the material world.

Both can make the impossible possible, they have the power to fend off intense obstacles. I bow to you who is Mahakal manifest and who is the one who will change this time.

Our humble OBESIANCES TO OUR venerates PRZEPTOR YUGA RISHI Shriram SHARMA ACHARYA WHO ETERNAL Gayatri MANIFESTO and their table grapes WORDS Destroy The VENOM of this world.

Teacher and Gayatri

All experienced people proclaim a truth only namely. God is one and giving Him experience there is only one way that brings understanding God's teachings and imbibing them in daily life. But in the gross, material world you see something completely different. We see differences as far as different names and forms of this world are concerned

are. Because of this visual difference, different opinions emerged, which ultimately lead to bitter fights and disputes. Definitely we must accept that those who fight are completely ignorant of the true nature of God. Otherwise it could also mean that these contentious people have no real teacher (guru) who can help one to overcome this differential point of view and return us to the absolute principle of truth that God is whom there will only be found unity and no differences . It could further mean that if we have not met a teacher in this material world, we can attain the Guru-Mantra Manifesto to our God through Gayatri Mahamantra. This helps a spiritual seeker to reach differences based on name, form, different methods of worship as the divine wisdom of a soul (God) permeates the entire cosmos. We are all aware of this. According to the Gayatri Mahamantra: Where is God? The answer is "Om Bhur Bhuva Sva", which means God pervades the earth, sky and space. What do you call him? He is beyond the difference between the sexes, that is, he is neither male nor female. He is beyond all names and forms. What is its nature and how are you going to reach it? (Tat Savitur Varenyam, Bhargo Devasya Dhimahee). He is the divine light and is easily accessible. What is our relationship with him? (Tat dhimahi) Imbibe it as a divine emanation in your psyche. What is its use - prayer? (Dheeyo Yona Prachodayat). May God cause our intellect to go on the path of greatness.

Any capable guru can endeavor to lead us towards deity (God) with the help of this clear aphorism. So the Gayatri mantra is to give us this divine inspiration and along with this those who really make efforts in this direction are given divine powers as well as those possessed by a teacher. As a result, right since ancient times, it goes beyond all denominational differences and is thus established as a GuruMantra.

Worth mentioning

Gayatri consists of 2 parts, namely from. Gay (life force) + tri (protection). Gayatri is what protects our life force. The question arises, when should one seek protection? It is very clear that when a devotee is involved in a big problem he seeks protection through prayer. What kind of problems are you forced to seek shelter? When does one seek protection from Gayatri, who is the primal energy of Divine Consciousness? When the consciousness flows out in the sense organs of the 5 elements it becomes the power of mobility. No doubt the conscious flow of energy in our sense organs induces mobility in them nor does one pray that the sense organs rather than shifting them towards malice should flow on the path of holiness. Since the sense organs are inert in nature, they tend to get lost in all directions. The soul in our body forgets that the real joy is in life in itself. These

Joy tends to believe that the sense organs are his servants and instead of controlling what she had, he is in control of himself. This is the real problem through which our life force moves while looking for protection.

Gayatri Science protects us from this illusion. Ratnakar, Dhruv, Prahlad, Angulimal radiated intense life force. The teacher gave a right direction to these souls, which were otherwise lost in a wrong direction or it can also say that from the beginning even their madness was warded off. Adi Shankaracharya always visualized the teacher in this way. And thus by calling such a teacher "always manifest as Gayatri", Shankaracharya humbly bows to the teacher.

OUR good fortune

If we testify in the light of truth then we will realize that we have reached these extraordinarily happy people, the guru (teacher) as Gayatri and Gayatri become guru mantra.

In itself, as a spiritual seeker, the Gayatri mantra could succeed like any other mantra. But at this time it is only our venerated Gurudeva ie Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya who has made it easy for us to relate to God via an all-encompassing commandment. So it is our luck that we have the Guru Mantra in the form of the Gayatri Mantra.

In the same way Gayatri that our teacher is too, is easily attainable by anything. The members of the Gayatri Parivar know perfectly well that the great devotee of Gayatri is. Mahatma Anand Swami would always emphasize that our revered teacher is inseparable from Gayatri. Meaning both Gayatri and our teachers are one internally and externally. Swami Anand was a member of the Arya Samaj. He was highly revered in the arya samaj. Swami Anand as senior our Gurudeva of 25 years. But he would always bow to our Gurudeva (Shriram Sharma Acharya), who was not only younger in old age, but was also a householder and not a Sanyasi (mendicant order). No doubt, Swami Karpatri, a revered figure of the Sanatana Dharma of the Gayatri mantra, refused to give anything, yet he had told one of the Gayatri Parivar members that Shriram Sharma Acharya is the father of Gayatri at this time. In fact all his life he worked according to the commandments of Gayatri and when he gave his mortal cover on the day of Gayatri Jayanti he fused Gayatri. Hence it is indeed

our great fortune to be associated with such a great exponent of Gayatri.

Adi Shankaracharya, who looked to Gayatri as eternal teacher, always bowed to her. Eternal means that it cannot be limited by body, space and time. Our venerated Gurudeva also spoke of themselves with it. He meant that those who look at me as divine energy and not a limited human body will achieve nearness to my true nature. So he didn't say a statue of my body. Instead, re-instate a flame torch that represents intense belief in God and a radiant, divine intellect. He further proclaimed that no one takes the position of guru (teacher) in the Gayatri Parivar after I give my mortal hell. Those who will initiate others into the Gayatri mantra and those who will perform these rites will only do so as my representatives. All of this proves that he wanted to reinstate Gayatri as divine energy and not as a limited image of name and form.

Our revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Acharya was Gayatri incarnate. Mother Gayatri, the Savita God's divine energy is permeated every pore of his being. Throughout his life he helped innumerable believers walk on the path of greatness. He was a master of tantra science. Yet he never had a belief in exhibiting miraculous powers for fame and glory. In fact as far as a true saint is concerned these miracles take place over his body according to God's wish and whoever experiences them truly feels blessed. Our revered Gurudeva has taken in many physical forms in various places with the help of his divine subtle body thus becoming an aid to his beloved believers. A trailer achieves its protection according to its individual fate. When one's fate is very urgent, a guru definitely helps such a person to ease his burden and by inducing the follower to suffer slight pain, he is helped to attain salvation. We have the examples of countless people, being challenged more than 1 lakh people, that in those days when the guru did not meet anyone, they met the guru and for about 1-2 hours they sat in the presence of our revered guru. These experiences might be true, but if we tried to find evidence of it in the gross world we would fail miserably. He was not available to the layman, nor did he make himself available to his steadfast followers.


In the silent grotto of our heads resounds the divine speech of our Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya. The holy voice says - I am always with you. You can go anywhere, but I'll appear in your midst. I only live for you I will bring you the fruits of my divine experiences. You are the wealth of my heart. You are the stars of my eyes. We are all one (fused) in God. I always have experiences of soul oneness with all of you. I am never afraid of forcing you to enter the blazing fire of hard fights. This is because I am fully aware of your inner strength. I help you experience one situation after another and yet my inner eyes are always watching you. What is done by you is only possible in my holy presence.

Look forward to my wishes in my thoughts and in my literature. Imbibe those sacred teachings in your daily life for they were first given to me by my teacher who I have faithfully passed upon you all. Just visualize who you are. Only then will you experience that unity in greater measure that can be experienced by me with infinite bodies. You can only be my true disciples if you are vigilant, steadfast and dedicated to my mindset. Between us all lies an infinite ocean of love. The bond between a guru and his disciple is stronger than lightning. It is stronger than death too. Never trust your wayward sense organs. Because they always get excited when faced with joy and sorrow. Go over all of these dualities. While experiencing this truth O child, always remember that the sense organs are always working against the direction of the soul. So always stay vigilant. You are the soul and not the body and therefore an inseparable part of my being. The body can disappear at any moment. Truly who knows this moment? Hence, always visualize your goal. Fill your entire psyche with my way of thinking. Not at the time of death but in your moments of life, liberate and purify your mind. So even if death comes upon you suddenly, you are ready for it with serenity. Therefore live your life as if in this moment death is about to devour you. Only then can you live a real life. Time is running out quickly. If you immerse your mind in the thoughts of eternity and immortality, only then can you convert term to eternity.

Everyone has to face a lot of struggle while walking down the path of ideals. Therefore you too should brave all trials and disasters. A life under God's protection. If you really depend on God, all of your fears will go away. You are all my children. Wherever you go, be it life or death, joy or sorrow, good or bad, I will always be by your side. I always cherish all of you. I love you all because I am bound to you by your devotion. My love for God makes me one with you. I am your soul, my child! Your heart and my true residence. So why don't you fear anything? Be brave and fearless.


---- PRAJNAVATAR is the Unified FORM of the past nine incarnations of God.

Up until now all incarnations of God have been manifested and related to different situations for the establishment of justice and transformation of this time. At this time all these matters also at the same time so through a comparative study that we can easily understand how a Prajnavatar is the unified form of all incarnations manifested by God.

1) MATSYAVATAR (Fish Incarnation) - the story of the transformation of this era.

One day Mr. Manu after his worship routine offered water in his palm (called Arghya) to sun god. At that time he heard a subtle voice, Manu. Look at me, I need your help. Manu saw a small fish in the palm of his hand and the voice manifested by the fish. Manu says you seem like a divine personality. Tell me how can i serve you? The fish said: I want to do a gigantic task and so this pond is very small for you. So do me take the river Ganges. Mr

Manu's heart flooded with love when he heard the voice of the divine fish. So he took the divine fish in his water-pot and brought it to a great river. On another solemn occasion Mr. Manu visited this place again and saw again there divine fish. The divine fish said: My size is increasing. So help me quickly the ocean. Manu committed and took the fish to the ocean. Suddenly there was Jala-Pralaya (destruction of the world by a flood). In this destruction everything was always destroyed and thus the fish asked the seven rishis (saptarshis) to sit on his back. The fish took the seven rishis of the Himalayan valley, from where the rishis carried the message of the Vedas (spiritual knowledge) to the whole world. According to the Puranas (Indian mythology) this is the story of the Matsyavatar.

It seems strange that God embodied like a fish. And it is all the more astonishing that this almighty psychic power behaves like a human. In ancient times there has been a tradition of writing and speaking about certain cosmic laws in the form of hymns (guru-teachers). This is the principle of science too. The binomial theorem is a straight line equation, but it has magnified on greatly. Einstein's theory is only E = mc 2, but has nonetheless been commented on in a very exaggerated manner. Indian culture has also been presented that way. This principle has manifested itself in our first five incarnations so that it can be understood by the wise men. Selfish people full of spiritual hunger should not even be put on such facades today. According to astrological calculations now is the time for the Kalki incarnation to manifest and with it certain persons introduce themselves as the Saint Nishkalank avatar (Immaculate Incarnation), but in reality they are not fit enough to be even the tail of this Kalki (horse) incarnation. You just put on superficial facades, once the artificial black paint is removed, reality stares at us and that's the ridiculously absurd situation today. Perhaps as a result of this, this description was symbolically represented in ancient times.

A fish is the creature that moves in the opposite direction of the current of the water. It can either be very small or very large. Manu is the one who is connected to the world and compassionately wants to stop getting destroyed. The activity and nature of the work of this Mission (Gayatri Parivar) and its founder is of this type. By warding off vain traditional beliefs, he gave the world the spiritual wisdom of the Vedic religion, i.e. spiritual Indian culture. The opposing elements tried their best to hinder him. The Gayatri belongs to Brahmins, it is spoken in the ear, it is not intended for women, yajna can only be performed by Brahmins, Brahmins which from birth only means, spirituality only flowers, tilak, garlands, he turned against all this and still on the other side rejuvenates everything. He wrote the great Gayatri Science in 3 parts. Today all small / big children, elderly, men, women etc. perform Gayatri worship. You are advancing on the path of self-realization. Everyone is to accept their principles. In precarious conditions of the possibility of destruction of the spiritual sciences, he succeeded

establishes the parents of Indian culture (Gayatri Yajna) and the Rishi tradition in the Himalayas (Shantikunj --- Haridwar).From here, like the Ganges from Shiva's locks of hair, it can be spread everywhere. Everyone is partaking of the bliss of his manifestation.

First he entered the water pot (heart) of spiritually sensitive people, then he gave them Gayatri meditation, then to teach others, so he gave his time to his self, he established other industries, he gave public programs, he founded Shaktipeethas, he gave a spiritual understanding of the Rishi tradition, which was of a higher order, he saved everyone else along with today's business type hermitages, their heads etc, if this would have drowned divine wisdom and there would not even be a trace of real spirituality stay if he doesn't accomplish all of this. All of this he achieved while remaining in stature and today he is his cosmic protector little one. The fish incarnation is seen to pervade every particle of the Prajnavatar.

THE TURTLE INCARNATION SENSE an excellent combination of material comfort and spiritual lift:

Both the demigods and demons are sons of Brahmaji. They keep fighting and fighting with each other. Both parties experienced destruction. Therefore, out of fear, they both approached Brahmaji and asked them for the path of peace. Brahmaji asked them to churn the sea so SamudraManthan. The Mandarachal Mountain was made of the churning rod. Mr. Shesha (snake) was turned into a rope. On one end were the demigods and on the other the demons, causing the ocean to churn. The problem was that because of the churning of the ocean, the entire surface of the earth could get shaken. Hence who shoulder the burden? They all prayed to the Lord with it. The Lord by holding the Turtle Incarnation or the Kacchap Avatar and on his back shoulders held the weight of the Mandarachal Mountain. After the sea was churned, came 14 jewels that were joyful for both the demigods and demons. This is the story of the turtle incarnation.

The story of the tortoise incarnation is an incomparable episode of physical, social and spiritual science. It seems impossible that a mere tortoise can shoulder the burden of a gigantic mountain. How can one be disturbed by the mighty ocean and that too with the terrible serpent God (Lord Shesha) as the rope. But the divine sports turtle incarnation has

this incident proved true. Among the 14 gemstones there is nectar and poison. The Prajnavatar opens up the mystery of the turtle incarnation, how both nectar and poison are useful in our lives. The demons are those who look to sense amusements as the ultimate goal of life. For this they are ready to harass other beings themselves. This materialistic way of life can be viewed on as the ideal of spiritual principles and those of the material sciences. In today's world this Tripurasura demon is seen manifesting everywhere. Because of these materialistic beliefs, there is so much oppression, bullying, crime, undesirable elements, robbery, rape etc. prevalent in this world. Everyone faces situations of destruction like pollution, distrust etc. A society becomes inert, devoid of sensibility when there is lack of belief and trust, ie this indolence is seen everywhere and in all areas of life. The current of sensitivity has dried to such an extent that today husband-wife do not trust each other, there is bitterness between father and son, two brothers become enemies and you read all this in the newspapers. This is the pain, a demon. This is selfish materialism. And all of this manifests itself because man is seen as a bare body and not as the soul.

On the other hand, because one forgets human values, as a result of the search for spirituality only as being all and the end of all life, religion today has taken the ugly form of blind faith. Today market places in the form of pilgrim spots, Klausen, Mathas and temples, which in turn are like business houses, have become synonymous with ugly corruption. Political corruption can be forgiven, but the direct result of this facade of spirituality can only be destruction. This means that divinity is one-sided. Hence churning the ocean means how to bring these two aspects into a single focus. Meaning life should be awakened under the test conditions of spiritual practices. As a result, wisdom dawns on worldly duties and can help us achieve our spiritual goals.

So it is clear that the revered teacher is the main goal and try to bring these two ideals onto a single platform. In order to unite both the intellectual class and followers of Brahman, he established the Brahmavarchas Research Facility in Haridwar, India. Here are both the results of faith-oriented meditation of God with form and yoga practice-oriented informal meditation are presented in a scientific manner. This is the manifest form of Kundalini Shakti worship subjected by our revered teacher. He was a great realized saint and a master of worldly material achievement too. Both are in opposite directions but how the two can be placed on a platform can be understood from his writings ie in Gayatri Mahavigyan (Part 1) page nos. 240-248.

Our teacher writes that the Merudand (spinal cord) itself is the Mandarachal Mountain. Ida meaning the Chandranaadi (left Svar) is a symbol of calm, divinity and Pingala or Suryanaadi (right Svar) is a symbol of warmth and material desires. With churning both naadis (subtle nerves) via pranayaam (breathing) and other spiritual practices the mooladhar is activated. It is from here that the Brahmanaadi, that is, begins the path of wisdom of the cosmos. The Mooladhar or the base of the Merudand is established when the embryo is in the womb in the form of a black 6-sided molecule connecting to the underside of the Merudand. To make the roof secure, tent pegs are very strong dug into the ground and then tied with ropes. The Brahmanaadi also was bound by this 6-sided molecule (Shata-Kona). This is how the life force of the body is connected. Symbolically this very black 6-sided molecule is called Kurma or Tortoise. Because it is shaped like a turtle. The symbolic meaning of the earth in dependence on Mr. Kurma (turtle) is that the house of our life is also dependent on the turtle. This wisdom only dawns in the psyche of a person undergoing intense spiritual practices. Our revered teacher did just that and gave us humans these 14 jewels or the path of spirituality, whereby despite leading a materialistic life one can achieve one's spiritual goal. Today both the atheist intellectual and theistic class of faith oriented people have joined Lord Kurma's precepts so successfully to portray our mission.

In this way LORD Varah washed away the pollution on earth:

It was a demon named Hiranyaksha. He longed for wealth so much that he ran away with the entire planet earth. It was utter chaos in the world when he covered the earth with dirt and took it off the route of the ocean. Under the circumstances, who will fight off the veil of filth on planet earth? Hence, the Lord took the form of Varah (wild boar) and by killing Hiranyaksha he saved planet earth. The Lord removed the dirt cover and gave back the cleansed earth to make people dwell on it again. That is the essence of Lord Varah Incarnation. Hiranyaksha means that he has his eyes full of greed for gold or material wealth only. The craving can also not be satisfied by tilling the land or doing handicrafts. It can only be satisfied by mills, factories etc. based on the latest technology. Our Rishis were great scientists but never used materials that went against the laws of nature, which in turn destroyed nature. Everyone today is aware of how allopathy drugs have destroyed so many living things on earth and that as the earth is being milked to dryness. The fact that our earth needs to be washed from all dirt can be caused by the dirt of the

Cities, the problem of nuclear waste, new types of diseases etc. are measured

Daniel Wanken, the author of the book "Charities of God" writes that once upon a time people lived on the planet Venus. Exactly like on earth also on Venus there was chaos, smoke from cars, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide etc. To all these 2 artificial satellite studies were sent there. Waver thinks that the 2 moons of Venus called Phovos and Lovos artificial satellites. People left this planet for other safer planets when there is sure to rain. It is not known whether these observations are true or false, but the increase in pollution on earth will definitely lead us to this disastrous situation. For this it is sufficient that dirt and increase in the automobile smoke pollution an earth.

Our teachers in trying to get Mr. Varah over this pollution. He inspires us to explore life in tandem with nature and in gigantic yajnas. Today this fact has been proven by modern science. At the time the Gorakhpur Ashwamedha Yagna scientists systematically explained this fact. The Prajna Purusha (our teacher) did not even have an iota of attachment to the material world. But he drank the poison so as to save the world from this danger and so create its well-being. By Mr. Varah he decided to save the earth's environment from the threat of pollution. Until now he is not only the organized Yajnas but this mission is to wash away this pollution by sowing countless trees and reactivating the Ayurvedic form of drug therapy. In the coming days this venture will receive worldwide acceptance. Only then will the earth be saved.

Incarnation of God NRISHINHA MEANS Rejuvenation of Faith:

Hiryanksha's other brother was Hiranyakashyap. He also asked for gold every 24 hours of the day. This desire made him go against his soul. By accumulating much wealth he proclaimed that man himself is God. He hated hearing about the true God. He invented so many things that he was delusional that neither man nor any other creature could kill him. He would not die in his home or outside. It was as if he had protective life insurance in all places. He said he could not die from warfare agents nor from disease. He would not die by day or night. Under such circumstances Mr. Nrisinha (NRI = human + Sinha = lion) of two types of sitting on the terrace and

Hiranyakasyap tore up torso with his long lion nails, saved followers Prahlad and thus established faith everywhere.

Today man really has become a Hiranyakashyap. He has so many guns that he is not afraid of being murdered. He has so many drugs available that he is sure that he will live to old age and perhaps become immortal too. Of course, this is no doubt his blind faith. He is sure of his safety in all areas of life. He only wants one thing that cannot be derived from the name of God and all of this is broadcast in magazines such as Sarita etc. Under such circumstances the Lord exploited all forms of peace as well as to establish faith in the hearts of men and thus to the annihilation of all Desires, greed etc. One meaning of Sandhya is Gayatri worship, that is a Sandhi (peace). Another sandhi is time sandhi (exit) into worldly joy is the only goal of life. This belief is being shattered and spiritual ideals are slowly but surely spreading everywhere. In the flash of a moment our Prajnavatar (Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya) simply accomplished everything in a way as if like Lord Nrisinha he opened it from a pillar of staggering. He valued the praise of righteousness and after leaving behind his supporters who were eulogizing him, he disappeared. He was of a very compassionate and sensitive nature, to the wicked he was death manifested. He flooded over divine love and had extreme anger too. He has never compromised with the basic values ​​of life. The 21st century is at the speed for the very potential of a bright future whose child is manifested like faith that he had protected. A small trailer of this in the form of Yuga Sandhi Mahapurashcharan will be enacted in revered Gurudeva Birth House, Anvalkheda on 3,4,5,6,7 November 1995 AD This will depict another scene of the destruction of hunger and faith will be set up everywhere. People will testify and praise all of this amazingly.

The three legs of Vaman i.e. DEVOTION, WISDOM and ACTION:

King Bali was very selfish about its wealth and pomp. Though he was generous hearted he still hungered for a lot of things in his psyche. To achieve fame he would do anything. He ruled the whole earth. One day a small child (Vaman) came into his midst and asked for land measurement of 3 feet. Bali laughed and agreed to do so. At that time Mr. Vaman who was a child so far revealed his gigantic cosmic form. He ma the whole world with 2 meters from him. There was no place to hold your third foot. At that point Bali arrogance disappeared. So Bali be all downhill to God. This is the story of Lord Vaman. But the gain is quite large.

Today everyone longs for fame and honor. Hence parliament breaks and governments change it. There is bloodshed over differences in ideologies. Big boss countries over smaller ones. They act according to their own whims and fantasies. Journalists have become mentally jaundiced, the court has no great ideal to meet, those who should protect their citizens are plunderers and it all goes on openly like the slyness of Bali. Everywhere it is still, instead of being ashamed of it people pride themselves on being talked about in all unethical duties. Girls who are burned by sati are molested for dowry. People who promote all of this should be intelligent and receive full credit. The irony is that such people think they are very smart. Others think they are great followers and full of hard work.