What are the rumors for PlayStation 5

Playstation 5: Sony console will soon be available on Amazon

So far it has been almost impossible for many fans to get hold of a new Playstation 5. The console was always sold out. Now rumors are mounting that Amazon could soon start a new wave of sales.

The new Playstation 5 was sold around 4.5 million times in just a few weeks last year. That emerges from the now published business figures from Sony. Since then, the console has been sold out in no time at many markets and vendors.

But now there are new rumors that another surge of popular devices could come on sale - at the online retailer Amazon. As the portal "PC Games Hardware" reports, many users are speculating on the Internet that Amazon might be planning a new wave of sales. This is supported by the fact that the online retailer has not had any consoles on offer for a long time and that customers have recently been shown advertisements for corresponding packages with PS5 games. Accordingly, it could already be so far on Tuesday, April 13th, in the morning.

The fans are eagerly waiting for it. Because since the chaotic sales weeks before Christmas there has been ebb on the world market. The chances of getting hold of a Playstation 5 in the normal way sank to zero at times. On the other hand, prices skyrocketed on reseller portals - and fraudsters also cashed in with false offers. You can read more about a particularly bold case from Bavaria here.

Interested buyers should therefore definitely stick to trustworthy shops. Below you will find a list of German dealers who regularly have the Sony console on sale. However, it is still unclear when the replenishment announced by Sony will arrive at German dealers. Specialist portals advise you to keep an eye on the online shops. Rumor has it that customers have the best prospects for a larger contingent at Amazon and Otto. We will also try to keep you updated with this article.

Can I also buy the Playstation 5 in the store?

No. For the time being, the consoles will only be sold via the online shops. Disappointed buyers can save themselves a trip to the store: If there are no more Playstations to buy online, the console is simply sold out and you have to hope for the next round of supplies.

This strategy, which is certainly frustrating for the fans, is intended to prevent long lines and chaos in the shops. Such scenes, as you can still remember from the launch of the Playstation 4, would hardly be justifiable during the corona pandemic.

But what is possible: Order a console online and pick it up in the store. MediaMarkt, Saturn and GameStop offer this service.

Where can I buy the Playstation 5?

The following dealers sell the Sony console in German-speaking countries:

What should I look out for when buying?

Even after a successfully placed order, it can happen that the console never arrives. Even in the pre-order phase, several retailers were forced to cancel orders retrospectively. Apparently, this was due to a mixture of technical problems, poor planning and supply difficulties. Like many other electronics manufacturers, Sony is also suffering from production problems due to the Corona crisis.

Users should also make sure that they only order from trustworthy shops. Due to the high demand, it is to be feared that countless fake shops will try to intercept the frustrated fans. Here you can find out how you can recognize such attempted fraud.

What does the Playstation 5 cost?

The Playstation 5 is available in two versions: The standard model costs 500 euros. A version without a drive - also known as the "Digital Edition" - is available for 400 euros. Some dealers charge the reduced VAT rate of 16 percent.

Except for the drive, the consoles are identical from a technical point of view. Users do not have to compromise on performance when they buy the cheaper model.

Resellers charge exorbitant prices on ebay

Because the console is so difficult to obtain in the normal way, there are already numerous usurious offers on ebay. As the trade magazine "gamepro" reports, the new game console from Sony is being offered there for more than 1,000 euros. As early as September, when the first pre-orders for the PS5 could be placed, there were reseller offers of up to 4,000 euros.

Behind this are probably so-called "scalpers", who snatch the consoles away from genuinely interested buyers with the help of automated programs - with the sole aim of selling them later at a profit. However, many offers to buy could also be fraudulent ads.

What accessories can I buy?

A new dual-sense controller for the PS5 is included in the scope of delivery. This runs on battery power and is wireless. In addition, it should enable a new gaming experience through haptic feedback. More about the controller here.

A second dual-sense controller costs around 70 euros. This is required to play PS5 titles. If you only want to use PS4 games, you can continue to use your old gamepad.

Remote controls and HD cameras are also available. Headsets and charging stations are currently sold out. The accessories will be shipping from November 12th, one week before the console. Some of it can also be bought in stores.

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