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  • Allahabad - Allahabad… German Wikipedia

  • Allahabad Fort - at Allahabad, India was built by Emperor Akbar in 1583 [[http://www.indnav.com/servlet/Browse?mt=goToName name = Allahabad + Fort Allahabad Fort]]. The fort stands on the banks of the Yamuna near the confluence site. It is the largest fort built…… Wikipedia

  • Allahabād - Allahabād, capital of the governorate of the British Ind. Northwest provinces, below 25 ° 16´ north latitude and 81 ° 55´ east longitude, 61.5 m above sea level. M., junction of the Calcutta Dehli and the Bombay Calcutta Railway, on one of the confluence of the Jamna in the…… Meyer's Large Conversation Lexicon

  • Allahābad - Allahābad, 1) Province of the English Presidency of Bengal, between Agra, Oude, Bahar, Gundwana, Malwah, 1950 sqm. (Mostly immediate area, only a small part is under, the British tributary princes), 71/2 Mill. Ew. , mostly ... ... Pierer's Universal Lexicon

  • Allahabad - Allahabad, i.e. city of God, province in Bengal, on the Ganges and Jumah, 2800 square meters with 7 million E., mostly Hindus; even, very fertile, grows cotton, sugar, indigo, opium; Saltpetre and, at Punah, diamonds. Hptstdt. of the same name, on ... ... Herder's Conversations Lexicon

  • Allahabad - Infobox Indian Jurisdiction native name = Allahabad latd = 25.45 longd = 81.85 state name = Uttar Pradesh district = Allahabad leader title = Mayor leader name = Mr.Jitendr Nath Singh altitude = 98 population as of = 2001 population total = 1.015… Wikipedia

  • Allahabad - / al euh heuh bad, ah leuh hah bahd /, n. A city in SE Uttar Pradesh, in N India, on the Ganges. 513,997. * * * or Prayag Raj City (pop., 2001 prelim .: metro. area, 1,049,579), northern India, on the Ganges and Yamuna rivers. An ancient holy city… Universalium

  • Places of interest in Allahabad - Allahabad, a city in the State of Uttar Pradesh, India is an important tourist destination attracting a large number of tourists annually.Enriched with a glorious history and being one of the oldest cities in the world, Allahabad has several…… Wikipedia

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