When will GTA 6 start?

Release date of GTA 6: Netflix joins the discussion

Netflix gets involved in the discussion about the release date of the upcoming open-world shooter Grand Theft Auto 6 and leaves cryptic clues on its French Twitter profile. Developer Rockstar Games, however, continues to remain silent. No game is as hotly discussed in the rumor mill as GTA 6. All the details are always based on rumors, expert forecasts and alleged leaks. There is currently no concrete information, the prospect of a release or an initial announcement by Rockstar Games. The fact that well-known companies such as Netflix are now getting involved in the discussion has sparked new hope among fans of the Grand Theft Auto series. Even though the video streaming service has little in common with the games industry.

Hope quickly fades: Just a PR gag?

However, it seems that the French social media managers only wanted to jump on the so-called "hype train", with success. The cryptic clue "Basically, GTA VI is coming soon"was enough to generate more than 35,000 likes and thus to reach an above-average number of Twitter users for the French Netflix account. Netflix responded snippily to detailed questions about the release date of GTA 6 -"It comes when it's done. Like a series."or"Between today and the end of the world."

A PR gag that should again draw attention to the fact that all unofficial details about Grand Theft Auto 6 must be viewed with skepticism. If you want to ask around in the rumor mill, you will find a summary in our GTA 6 Special. Only a few days ago it was read on the Internet that Rockstar Games could concentrate on a modern game world in the present and therefore not - as previously expected - on a setting in the 80s. Various self-proclaimed "mega leaks" also speak of a presentation next year and a release date in autumn 2023.

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