Divorce online are cheaper

Divorce Online - Advantages and Disadvantages of Divorce Over the Internet

Whether an internet decision is also suitable for you depends primarily on the law firm that looks after you! Why? Because communication between you and the lawyer or law firm has to be perfect.

Consensual divorce online saves money for a number of reasons. If the still spouses can agree in advance and without a lawyer on all questions regarding maintenance, children and common property, they will save the most.

If you're waging a war of roses, you and your ex-partner each have a lawyer. Whether you always meet on site in his office or talk to each other by phone or video conference (especially when you are abroad, this way of communication is ideally suited), in the end it does not matter. If your attorney communicates well with you, then contentious proceedings can also be conducted online. In addition, there is always the possibility of visiting your lawyer on site if you wish.

If your divorce is more of a consensual nature, then online divorce is a great option. Because the more so-called "consequences of divorce" you without dispute solved together, the easier the process becomes. You can save yourself the second lawyer here completely, because you have arranged everything in advance.

However, even in the case of completely consensual and normal divorces without Rosekrieg, there are cases in which a second lawyer is required at short notice:

  • If you want to waive the pension adjustment in court, you need a second lawyer.
  • If the divorce decree (divorce decree) is to become legally binding immediately, you also need a second lawyer in court.
  • Usually, it is not a problem for a good divorce service to briefly organize a second lawyer. Please note, however, that this second lawyer must then also be paid by your current spouse, because this lawyer does not act for you, but for your future ex-partner. The prices for the second lawyer vary. So be sure to ask in advance!

Online divorce is now suitable for (almost) all divorce cases. Communicating with your divorce service is very important. Very few law firms specializing in family law are very easy to reach. In any case, you should test the law firm in advance and get answers to all of your questions.

The questions that are important but that you haven't asked should definitely be answered by your lawyer!