How do I make money with BuddyPress

Generate passive income with a WordPress site

Plugin for memberships

Let's stay with the example of online training: Most such platforms have a registration requirement. Only paying members have access to the content. To do this with WordPress, we first need a plugin for memberships. This allows customers to register, make payments, and allows us to set different levels of access.

Choosing the right membership plugin is not easy. There are very many and often you cannot find reliable reviews, which is difficult, especially with expensive plugins.

We help you with our experience and with contact to other web designers and the developers of the plugins to choose the right one and not make mistakes.

A very good plugin for memberships is, for example, "MemberPress (price: $ 99). With MemberPress, customers can pay via PayPal and Stripe and it is compatible with many other plugins that we will need for business.

Other options are “Paid Membership Pro” and very classic and universally applicable: “WooCommerce”.

Learning management plugin

Next we need a plugin to manage and track the learning progress of the customers. There are essentially three leading plugins with all the necessary functionalities:

  • WP CourseWare ($ 67)
  • Sensei by Woo Themes ($ 129)
  • LeanDash ($ 99)

All three plugins can be used very well. In this specific case, we recommend WP CourseWare because it works very well with MemberPress. It also has a very nice editing interface, which should be of interest to WordPress beginners.

With WP CourseWare, clients can see which lessons they have successfully completed and are prevented from taking lessons that are not yet suitable for them.

Social interaction

Another important aspect of online courses is of course the social interaction between customers. This is probably one of the most difficult dines to implement but not impossible:

The “BuddyPress” plug-in is free and offers the possibility of building a social network with a Facebook-like operation.

Customers can create groups, make friends, and share their thoughts publicly. Comments on other users and private messages are also possible. One could hardly ask for much more from the social interaction.
With a little more advanced modification, you can also link the progress of the users to their profile.

An affiliate program

One of the most important things to make your business scalable and lucrative is affiliate marketing. It's a tool that allows other people on the internet to promote your business. In return, they automatically receive a remuneration that you set when new customers register with you.

The Affiliate Royale plugin ($ 99) was built by the same developers as MemberPress. That's why you get the plugin for free when you use MemberPress.

Last but not least: beautiful design

As some of you may already know after reading our previous blog posts, WordPress not only offers a user-friendly interface for editing and managing the content, but also thousands of beautiful design templates. The costs for this are usually between € 0 and € 99.

Here we could suggest a lot of templates that would be suitable and look great. However, since this always depends on the intended use and you can easily find suitable themes yourself, we will forego this at this point.


WordPress now offers a unique opportunity to set up your own business quickly and cheaply online. Of course, this requires professional help from a WordPress expert if you want to build really high quality, serious and safe websites, but the fact that the tools make it so much easier for you, the costs of creating such a page decrease immensely

We at wvnderlab can develop a website described above for you in a very short time. The really difficult thing naturally follows after the setup: Establishing yourself as a business model online. This is where it is decided who is a real entrepreneur and who is simply out for a quick buck without doing anything.

Either way, I hope that we were able to give you a few insights into working with WordPress and that we could perhaps lower your inhibition threshold to approach your own business model without obligation. We look forward to your message!