Which Porsche 911 should you avoid

This is how prices develop at Porsche

A fascination with Porsche

Almost every car enthusiast raves about the sleek sports cars from Zuffenhausen. Most of the time, it stays with enthusiasm: The models are very expensive new - and no bargains needed. As vintage cars, some special 911 Porsche are even considered a solid investment, which can be a stable component of fixed assets, especially in difficult economic situations and times of crisis (e.g. recession). To determine the actual market price, the three pillars of classic collector's vehicles are considered: originality, history and condition. Special vehicles often have a special price. They have to be viewed and evaluated individually by us - that is our claim as a classic specialist.
Nevertheless, as a Porsche owner or potential buyer, there is one fact that you should keep in mind: Never rely on the vehicle values ​​always rising! They are often exposed to strong fluctuations, as you can read here.
Important for her:

- Check your insured values ​​regularly and adjust them with a current report or self-assessment (with OCC up to 80,000 EUR possible). The value of a classic car can increase quickly - without its owners having to think about having to adjust their insurance. The result: underinsurance! Underinsurance exists if the value of your insured classic car exceeds the contractually agreed insured amount. This can lead to a gap in your insurance cover - and you will not be reimbursed for the entire damage. OCC conditionally waives the objection to the crediting of underinsurance in contrast to many competitors. This also applies to older existing contracts: So that the customer is prepared for every situation, we regularly optimize the services of our vehicle insurance. With every improvement in performance, we automatically take into account the better set of conditions for the customer. If changes occur during the contract period, which could result in disadvantages for older contracts, the disadvantages do not apply to these old contracts. In short: always for the benefit of the customer.
- Remember that Porsche models in particular are very popular with thieves. A possible protection can be offered by modern GPS tracking systems that do not prevent theft but allow the vehicle to be found again more quickly. Our partner Deutscher Oldtimer Club (DOC) offers these systems at a special price for members: https://www.deutscheroldtimerclub.de/de/magazin/Sherlog.html

In our new series, we will be presenting all relevant Porsche models and their current performance in collaboration with Classic Data over the next few weeks:

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