How much money are dachshunds

I want a dachshund - what costs should I expect?

As a small dog, the self-confident dachshund is suitable for keeping in the country as well as for the cramped city apartment, if he gets enough exercise. The breed is considered generally robust. Nevertheless, the dachshund can also get sick at some point. Potential dachshund owners are not only faced with veterinary costs. He has to reckon with the following expenses for the dog.

acquisition cost

Interested parties can discover a cheap dachshund on sales platforms on the Internet for just around 300 euros. If a photo of the apparent dream dog has been set for display, the proverbial dachshund look will melt the heart of every dog ‚Äč‚Äčlover. But be careful! Anyone who buys a dog from the Internet knows little or nothing about its origin, its character and its state of health. There is also the risk that it promotes the machinations of dubious animal dealers and breeders. Therefore, if someone wants to save a dog, it is better to contact a registered animal welfare association or an animal shelter. Or the interested party can ask around in the neighborhood. A Dachshund may have just lost its home, for example because the owner has passed away.

The dachshund lover buys a puppy from a reputable breeder. There he can be sure that the parent animals have been carefully selected for mating, which reduces the risk of breed-specific diseases. The experienced breeder has excellent knowledge of puppy rearing. He provides the dogs with high-quality food that is precisely tailored to their individual needs. Ultimately, he introduces them to the vet and has the necessary wormer cures and vaccinations carried out. The interested party should distinguish whether it is a hobby breeder or a registered breeder. The latter is a member of a recognized breed club. The advantage is that the breed warden must accept the litter and acknowledge it as healthy and according to the breed standard before he issues the puppies their papers. Belonging to the breed club, participating in exhibitions, the breeding suitability tests of the parent animals and applying for the pedigree cost a lot of money, which is why the purchase price for a puppy with a pedigree is significantly higher than for a dog without papers.

Depending on supply, demand and federal state, the puppy price for an undocumented dachshund is between 500 and 800 euros. A dachshund with a pedigree costs between 800 and 1,500 euros, whereby the respective color also plays a role in the pricing. The frequently occurring sour-colored dachshund can be bought more cheaply than a fancy shade of color. If the aforementioned amounts seem too high to the interested party, he should consider that the follow-up costs for a dachshund puppy from an experienced breed are many times lower than for a dog from poor husbandry. In order for an animal to develop a good immune system, it needs sufficient high-quality nutrients, good socialization and a species-appropriate environment, especially at the beginning of its life. This can only be guaranteed by the serious breeder.

Additional costs for keeping a dachshund

The initial equipment of a dachshund will not last a dog's life. The utensils must be replaced when they wear out or become too small. Whether the dachshund owner opts for branded products or a no-name equipment is up to him. It is important that the quality is right so that the items do not endanger the health of the dachshund. The equipment includes:

  • a collar
  • a leash
  • a food and a water bowl
  • the dog bed
  • for employment dog toys and chews.

The future dachshund owner should seek advice from the breeder regarding the feed. It is not advisable to change the food immediately after the dog has moved in. After all, the body's own defenses are still struggling to adapt to the new home.

Further costs of the animal

The dog owner is obliged to register his dachshund with the regional public order office. From there he receives the notification of the dog tax. Liability insurance should also be taken out to cover damage caused by the dog to third parties. In some federal states it is already mandatory. There is no general answer to whether it is worth taking out dog health insurance or surgery insurance. A comparison of the costs and benefits should be made beforehand. In particular, the dog owner should pay attention to the exclusions of the insurers in order to be safe from surprises.

The older the dachshund gets, the more money the dachshund owner has to calculate for the vet. In addition to acute diseases, which can affect every animal once, there are not infrequently chronic ones. Living together with a dachshund can cost an average of 1,000 euros per year.

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