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Painter and varnisher
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Are you interested in this job? Then you would definitely like to know how the training for it works. You are alternately inCompany and vocational school. In the company you will learn the practical side of the job of a painter and varnisher and take on specific tasks. In the vocational school, you will be taught the theoretical background knowledge. During your apprenticeship you have to enter as proof of trainingreport booklet manage your tasks and activities. In it you record which tasks and contents you will learn in your apprenticeship as a painter and varnisher. Your instructor will review your report book regularly.

Part of the apprenticeship as a painter and varnisher is the apprenticeship as a building and object coater. So instead of the typical intermediate and final exams in this training you have three examination periods: Before the end of the first year of training, you will take the intermediate examination to become a building and object coater. At the end of the second year you will take the final exam to become a building and object coater, which is also the intermediate exam for painters and varnishers. At the end of your training you will do the Journeyman examination from, it consists of 3 written and one practical exam. If you pass the exam, you can call yourself a state-approved painter and varnisher.

If you have successfully completed your training, there are many options for you to further education, e.g. to become a master painter and varnisher or technician - paint and varnish technology. If you have the higher education entrance qualification, you could also have a subsequent one Education thinking, for example in the fields of civil engineering, architecture or interior design.

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