Do we need the Green New Deal

350 German

On October 12th we had an exciting online discussion….


... with five very different speakers:

  • Tonny Nowshin, climate and degrowth activist
  • Fatima Ibrahim, Green New Deal UK
  • Silvia Habekost, nurse and part of the alliance “No profits with our health”
  • Annika Hombücher, Students for Future
  • And Sören Altstaedt, Green New Deal for Hamburg

Together they discussed whether the Green New Deal is suitable as a path for a just transformation and under what conditions we can use it as a demand as a social movement in the German context. During the discussion, exciting and controversial aspects - how an investment program goes hand in hand with the shrinking economy or how the climate and workers movement can unite - were not neglected.

Here you can watch the podium again in full length:

For a climate-friendly society, we want to support a common demand with many actors: We demand investments in a real socio-ecological transformation!

You can also become active yourself soon: On Monday, November 9th, 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm at the Event "Solidarity Climate - A Digital Gathering". In an interactive format, we want to discuss together what is needed for a just transformation and how we can get there. Sign up now!