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It actually exists in China too beautiful beaches? Sure, there are! The 14,500-kilometer coastline has quite a few paradisiacal ones Bays to offer. On the tropical island of Hainan, white dream beaches and turquoise sea invite you to relax. In Hong Kong, Gulangyu or Putuoshan, a beach holiday can be wonderfully combined with culture. There is a lot to discover, from developed luxury beaches to deserted coastlines.

Why aren't the Chinese beaches so well known? Until a few years ago, most Chinese were still far from going to the beach. In East asia light skin is considered Ideal of beauty. Instead of tanning in the sun, people protect themselves from UV radiation. In addition, many people in China do not learn to swim. The beaches have only recently been prepared for visitors.

1.Yalong Bay (Hainan)

location: Location: Hainan Island in tropical southern China
Weather: It has an average annual temperature of 25 ° C (78 ° F).

Yalong Bay stretches for 7.5 km with a white, sandy beach. The water here is completely clear and has a pleasant Temperature. Roofs made of palm leaves provide shade for the loungers on the beach. In this setting, photos can be shot like on postcards. The bay is surrounded by rainforest and walking paths lead to great viewing platforms.

Yalong is great for sunbathing, swimming and walking. Those who prefer more action will also get their money's worth. Rides on banana boats or jet skis, windsurfing, and even kite surfing Parasailing are offered. A specialty of Yalong are the luxurious beach resorts of international standard. The hotel complexes have quiet private beaches that are extremely well cared for.

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2. Dadonghai

location: Location: Hainan Island in tropical southern China

The wide sandy beach of Dadonghai is as popular as Yalong. The deep blue bay surrounded by a rocky headland looks impressive. A shaded promenade runs along almost the entire beach. In addition to relaxing by the sea, you can also enjoy the nightlife here. Beach bars and restaurants that seafood and offer crabs, are attended by entertaining guests.

3. Shek O

location: Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is primarily for its skyscrapers and the shining ones Skyline known. Due to the internationality of the city, it could also be called “the New York of Asia”. Yet the busy, highly built-up urban areas of Hong Kong Island Central and Kowloon make up only part of Hong Kong. In the area you can find beautiful beaches, Hill regions and find protected forests.

Shek O Beach is located on Hong Kong Island outside the central city area. Its location is fabulous as it is surrounded by hills and subtropical greenery. It can be reached by conventional means of transport or by hiking from the city area. There are nice restaurants and cozy cafes along the beach. The adjoining village is ideal for relaxing walks and taking photos.

4. Repulse Bay Beach

location: Hong Kong
property: Just like Shek O, Repulse Bay Beach is also located in the southern part of Hong Kong Island. The beautiful, light sandy beach is extremely well-kept. There is an upscale residential area around the beach. Accordingly, there are many restaurants and restaurants here luxurious Hotels. Due to the good shopping opportunities and its accessibility, this beach is very popular with families with children.

5. Golden sandy bay

location: Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province (South China, borders Hong Kong)
Shenzhen was one of the first special economic zones in China and is considered a booming mega-metropolis. Accordingly are Shenzhen Beaches almost completely unknown in Europe. But the beautiful bays on the outskirts of the city are a real one Insider tip. From a golden sandy beach with Palm trees if you look at clear, blue water. Some luxury resorts are right on the ocean and have first-class, private stretches of beach.

6. Tianya Haijiao

location: Hainan Island in tropical southern China
The beautiful, large sandy beach Tianya Haijiao is very famous in China. Translated, his name stands for the "Limit of the sky, corner of the sea". In ancient Chinese cosmology, the sky was seen as round and the earth as square. Tianya Haijiao was believed to be the southernmost point in the country, which borders on the sky. Accordingly, many stories have emerged about this place.

There are two large boulders on an island near the coast. From far away it seems as if these rocks are leaning against each other. They are called "sun and moon" and stand for Man and woman holding each other. Tianya Haijiao is therefore particularly romantic and a popular place to get married. Concerts and other events often take place on the beach.
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7. Gulangyu

location: Xiamen City, Fujian Province (Southeast China)
Gulangyu is a small island off the coast of Xiamen City. Xiamen is considered the cleanest city in China and has been recognized for its high quality of life. There are many quiet beaches on the outskirts of Xiamen, connected by a long beach promenade. Gulangyu is a short ferry ride away. The island is car-free and can be best explored on foot.
Gulangyu is known for its beaches, colonial architecture and narrow, winding streets. From the 19th to the 20th century, the island was a European enclave. Nowadays, numerous visitors admire the impressive colonial-style villas here. In addition to many good cafés, there are also some secluded, natural corners on the island. Here, a beach holiday can be wonderfully combined with a cultural experience. .
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8. Beidaihe

location: Qinhuangdao City, Hebei Province (Northern China)

Beidaihe Beach is on Bohai Sea in northeast China. Due to the beauty of the beach and the proximity to Beijing, Mao Zedong had his private summer resort here. Meanwhile, Beidaihe is very popular with foreign and Chinese tourists. The golden yellow sandy beach extends over a length of 10 km. A little further away you will find quieter and more more natural sections.

Since Beidaihe is located in northern China, bathing temperatures only prevail here in the summer months. Pine and cypress trees grow on the hills around the beach. Here you can enjoy beautiful walks and walks Companies. There is a wonderful view from the tops of the hills and rocks. The entire region is also great for observing many different birds.

9. Silver beach

location: Beihai City, Guangxi Province (Southwest China)

The silver beach consists of fine, white sand, whose quartz crystals shimmer silver in the sunlight. The beach is particularly wide, the sea water is clear and the waves are low. The subtropical climate ensures palm trees and Banana trees. Near the coast are the volcanic rock islands Weizhou and Xieyang. If you drive away from here, you are almost alone on the first-class beaches.

10. Putuoshan

location: Zhoushan City, Zhejiang Province (Southeast China, near Shanghai)

Putuoshan is an island in the East China Sea, a short drive away Ferry ride. There are two beautiful beaches here, namely the Hundred Steps Beach and the Thousand Steps Beach. Mount Putuo is one of four sacred mountains in Chinese Buddhism. The Putuo has been an important pilgrimage site in China for over 1000 years. There are therefore many monasteries, both large and small, on the island.

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