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Caution: A new Apple update can render your MacBook unusable

Software updates usually fix errors, close security gaps and bring new functions to the end device. However, updates often cause difficulties - and that is exactly the case with the current Apple update. After Apple released the new MacOS version “Big Sur” last week, numerous MacBook users reported problems in the Apple forum and on Reddit.

During the update process, the screen should simply go black and keep this state permanently. Even a forced restart does not seem to fix the problem, and according to users, Internet restoration and safe mode did not lead to the desired result - or they simply could not be started. But the situation is not as bad as it sounds at first.

Apple: The iPhone causes unexpected problems

Apple update: only some MacBook models are affected

At the moment, no one knows which factors led to the system failure caused by the Apple update. However, according to users, the error seems to be largely limited to the MacBook Pro models from 2013 and 2014. Interestingly enough, the error mostly occurs with the 13-inch version.

One affected user reports that Apple recommended a visit to an Apple store. Another user did exactly that, but even the Genius Bar staff couldn't help him. The MacBook should not have responded to the analysis tools, but at least Apple knows about it and is working on a solution. How long it could take is currently unknown. Officially, Apple has not yet commented on the problem.

This is what owners of an older MacBook should do

Unfortunately, there are currently only two measures that potentially affected people can take: Basically, it is advisable to refrain from an update altogether and wait for Apple to present a solution. If you don't want to wait, you can take a risk and carry out the update anyway. In this case you should make a backup of the system beforehand. Because safe is known to be safe.

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