What is the most expensive commemorative coin

Most expensive coin in the world - gold coin made from one ton of pure gold

A dream come true for every numismatist if he is allowed to hold the most expensive coin in the world in his hands only once. This coin, the 1794 Liberty Dollar, currently ranks first among the ten most valuable coins in the world. But what requirements does a coin have to meet in order to achieve this status?


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Most valuable or most expensive coin in the world - the difference

Although the Liberty Dollar from 1794 is considered the most valuable coin in the world, there is still one coin that is significantly more expensive. However, this is precisely the point where the numismatist begins to walk the tightrope between valuable and expensive. In the definition of the terms. Because the most expensive and most valuable coin in terms of gold content is the impressive Australian coin Gold coin “Red Kangaroo”, produced in 2011 in Perth.

Most expensive coin in the world - calculated according to its gold value - 1 ton of pure gold - approx. 35,000,000 € (11.10.2017)

A ton of pure 9999 gold was processed by the mint in Perth, Australia into an impressive colossus with a diameter of 80 centimeters. However, this fits coin neither in a container suitable for coin collecting, nor does it have an impressive history that tells about bygone times, nor will anyone sell this coin. Its sole purpose is to act as an ambassador for the famous Australian Kangaroo series to make it better known. Despite its value of 35 million euros, the historically significant “1794 Liberty Dollar” is considered the most valuable coin in the world.

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1794 Liberty Dollar - a silver coin with more than historical value

The The Liberty Dollar, minted in the U.S. Mint in 1794, was the first ever U.S. dollarwho left the mint. The profile of Miss Liberty with flowing hair is impressive on the historical silver coin, which is also known under the name “1794 Flowing Hair Dollar”. Since this design was minted exclusively from 1794 to the beginning of 1795, the coins that are still in existence can be classified in an excellent manner.

The “Liberty Dollar” from 1794 - original on the left, copy on the right

Of the still existing coins, a particularly well-preserved example, the Carter-Cardinal Dollar, named after its former owner, changed hands in 2013 for ten million dollars the owner.

Rarity of the 1794 Liberty Dollar - The condition determines the price

Of the remaining 1,758 flowing hair dollars of the first year of the US dollar, most of the coins were lost. Experts assume one Remaining stock of about 135 to 150 Coins that have survived the centuries since they were minted. Much of it is in bad up very bad conditionwhich further reduces the number of first editions of the US dollar available to collectors. Just because of the rarity and the special history, coin collectors were prepared to pay larger sums for a 1794 Liberty Dollar very early on.

The prerequisite for a coin to achieve the highest possible value is its condition, the so-called grading, in addition to its historical significance, rarity and other factors. Only six coins of the currently known examples of the Flowing Hair Dollar achieve a grading of 60 and three coins are graded 66 by the PCGS (Professional Coin Grading Service). One coin received the addition "Specism"because it has a proof-like reflective surface. This was then also auctioned off for $ 10,000,000.


  • 6 coins with grading 60
  • 3 coins with grading 66
  • 1 coin with “specism”

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