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ATM search in Das Örtliche

Where is the next ATM?

Wherever you are, the nearest ATM is not far. Das Örtliche's ATM search shows you where the nearest ATM is located in a matter of seconds.

It's that easy:

  • First, enter an address, city or zip code above.
    In the app and the mobile version, you can also use your current location as a starting point for the search.
  • If you want, you can set the area in which you want to search with the slider.
  • Now select your banking group and start the search!
  • Shortly afterwards you will receive a list of all ATMs in the vicinity that belong to the selected bank group - sorted by distance.

Table of Contents

  1. Where is the next ATM?
  2. How can I withdraw money from ATMs free of charge?
  3. Which banks belong to the cash group?
  4. Who is in the cash pool?
  5. ATMs in the largest German cities
  6. ATM search in the Ö apps
  7. Interesting facts about ATMs

How can I withdraw money from ATMs free of charge?

Withdrawing money at the ATM of your house bank does not cost anything. As a rule, you also do not pay any fees at the ATMs of the associated banking group (banking association).

Withdraw money free of charge within the banking associations

In order to offer their customers the densest possible network of ATMs and free cash withdrawals, the banks cooperate and have formed associations. If your bank is part of a banking association, you can withdraw money free of charge from all member banks' ATMs.

For example, if you have an account with Commerzbank, you can use your Girocard to withdraw cash free of charge from the Deutsche Bank ATMs, as both banks belong to the cash group: You can withdraw cash from all ATMs of the Cash Group banks, without paying anything for it.

Withdrawing money from other machines

However, if you want to withdraw money from an ATM that does not belong to your bank, you have to pay a fee for this service.

Save yourself the fee at third-party ATMs: It is often worth driving a few meters more to withdraw money free of charge from an ATM belonging to your banking group. This can pay off at prices between EUR 2 and EUR 6 per withdrawal.

Search specifically for ATMs from your banking group

We'll show you which ATMs in Germany belong to which banking group. You can use the selection menu in the search mask to select your banking group and specifically search for ATMs that are free of charge for you:

  • All groups (in the app: all banks)
    After this selection, your hit list contains the ATMs of all banks and bank groups.
  • Cash group network
    As a customer of Commerzbank and Postbank, Deutsche Bank and other member banks, you can find free ATMs via the Cash Group selection, a network that also has ATMs at Shell petrol stations.
  • Cash pool network
    If you are a customer of Sparda-Bank, Targobank, Santander-Bank or another partner bank of the Cash Pool banking group, you can find free ATMs via the Cash Pool selection.
  • ING
    If you are a customer of this direct bank, you can withdraw cash free of charge in all euro countries with the free credit card VISA card, which is available in addition to the current account. Look for the VISA sign on the machine.
  • Raiffeisen / Volksbanken
    As a customer of the Volksbanken and Raiffeisenbanken, you can withdraw money free of charge at many locations.
  • Savings banks
    As a customer of a savings bank, you have access to the densest network of ATMs in Germany.
  • No group
    If you make this selection, you will be shown financial institutions without affiliation.

Which banks belong to the cash group?

Larger private banks are involved in the Cash Group ATM network:

  • Deutsche Bank (with the subsidiaries Postbank and Norisbank)
  • Commerzbank (With comdirekt bank)
  • Unicredit Bank (With Hypovereinsbank)

If your house bank belongs to this banking group, you can withdraw money free of charge from all cash group machines.

Who is in the cash pool?

The Cashpool group mostly includes smaller private banks, but also banks organized as cooperatives. Members include the following financial institutions:

  • Banking house Neelmeyer
  • Santander Consumer Bank
  • BBBank
  • Degussa Bank
  • National Bank
  • Southwest bank
  • Oldenburgische Landesbank
  • Sparda banks

ATMs in the largest German cities

ATM search in the Ö-Apps

The ATM search is of course also part of our mobile apps for smartphones. You can download the mobile applications from Das Örtliche free of charge from the respective app store:

Map view with detailed information about the ATMs

In the map You can see at a glance where the nearest ATMs are.

If you tap on an ATM symbol, the address and distance are immediately displayed below the map. If necessary, you can use the Route planner direct to the nearest ATM. Or you use a navigation service with an external app (V-Navi and Google Maps).

Interesting facts about ATMs

When was the first ATM available?

Withdrawing cash from ATMs conveniently and around the clock - this has only been possible for 50 years. G. L. Simjianden built the first machine as early as 1939, but after a short period of operation in the City Bank of New York it was removed again due to a lack of demand. The Kreissparkasse Tübingen opened the first cash dispenser in Germany in 1968.

Payment cards and banking systems

Within Germany you can easily withdraw money with your Girocard (debit card). Girocards are equipped with different payment systems so that this can also be done abroad: The best-known payment systems include “V-Pay” from the credit card provider VISA Europe and “Maestro” from MasterCard. The V-Pay or Maestro logo is shown on the girocard of a bank that offers these payment systems. Girocards with the V-Pay logo can be used all over Europe, Girocards with the Maestro logo usually also worldwide.
Note: You can only withdraw money via Maestro and V-Pay from machines that have the associated company logo.

Credit card fraud in which the card information on the magnetic stripe is read, the so-called "skimming", is not possible with V-Pay, as all important data is on the chip and not on the magnetic stripe. However, the risk is no longer as high with other cards either, since European ATMs also read the money cards via an EMV chip. In the meantime there are also systems that can recognize the manipulation of an EC terminal via attachments.

Another tip for your safety:

Before you withdraw cash from an ATM, you should check the machine briefly by taking a critical look at the keyboard and the card slot. If you notice something there, you'd better change the ATM. Be extra vigilant while you are withdrawing cash and do not allow yourself to be distracted or spoken to.