Where can you buy bird nets

Bird protection nets as protection against birds

Bird protection nets are attached for hygienic and / or conservation reasons. Transparent, monofilament nets make it possible to protect the area to be protected permanently and almost invisibly from pollution by birds.

Bird protection nets in use: house, garden and balcony and plantation

Even though birds are usually welcome visitors in the garden, as harvest thieves in fruit trees, in flocks or in the vicinity of buildings, they are sometimes undesirable guests. Bird protection nets represent a simple, inexpensive and very effective way of keeping birds away from certain areas of the house or garden. Our nets can also be used in a variety of ways without harming the feathered animals.

Protection net against birds in fruit trees and buildings

Such a net against birds can be placed in the garden or on fruit tree plantations around the desired area with little effort. In this way, for example, cherry trees are safely protected from nibbling starlings. Bird protection nets are already used in many places as a great alternative to - often ineffective - scarecrows. The nets are also weatherproof, reusable and, thanks to their material, perfect for outdoor use.

Bird protection nets also provide effective protection against birds that nest in listed buildings or that would cause unsightly soiling with bird droppings. Incidentally, it is possible to install these nets almost invisibly. Let us advise you on this over the phone! By the way, we also have special facade nets for corresponding renovation work in our range.

Buy bird protection nets? You should pay attention to:

If you want to buy suitable bird protection nets, you have come to the right place in our shop for nets: Simply measure or estimate the required size of the area that you want to protect, and we will deliver the nets you need made to measure at a reasonable price per square meter.

In order to protect the house and garden from birds in an animal-friendly but effective way, the appropriate mesh size of the net should be taken into account. The following applies here: the smaller the bird species, the closer-meshed the bird protection net should be. Starlings, for example, are successfully kept away from the sweet fruits of their trees from a mesh size of approx. 3 cm. To protect balconies and house facades from pigeons, on the other hand, a mesh size of approx. 5 cm is sufficient. As a net against birds the size of house sparrows, however, a mesh size of about 2 cm is recommended.

If you are unsure about which bird species your garden or balcony should be protected from, you should buy a bird protection net with a smaller mesh size. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us! We at netzprofi2.dev.ybit.eu also provide competent advice by phone or email so that our customers can buy the right bird protection nets for their purpose. We will also be happy to give you tips on mounting or suitable accessories. You can also find information on this in our instructions for use.

What material are our bird protection nets made of?

Our bird protection nets are available in weather-resistant, tear-resistant polyethylene (PE) or nylon. We also offer nets with wire inlay, which guarantee special stability despite being malleable. We also have flame-retardant variants in our range. In any case, the materials in our bird protection nets are ideally suited for outdoor use and are particularly durable.

Another tip: misuse the bird protection net!

If you no longer need your net against birds after the (harvest) season or on the balcony, you can also use it for other purposes. For example, if it has relatively small meshes, it can also be used as a pond or leaf net for autumn.

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