What is Stripe API

Stripe (API)


You are currently in the process of creating access to connect Stripe in PayJoe (see "Access") or have already completed this process.

  1. Sign into Stripe.

  2. In the tab overview on the left, click on Developers and then on API keys.

  3. In the line of the PayJoe key you just assigned, click on the button Show key token / Reveal live key token. Copy this token and paste it into the Token field for your Stripe access in PayJoe.

"Payment metadata" such as an order or invoice number can be contained in Stripe. These cannot be automatically recognized by PayJoe and must be entered manually so that they can be read out. You can create this metadata individually in Stripe for each individual payment. The metadata is only relevant for PayJoe if it contains information that is useful for the comparison between payment and receipt. If a metadata field contains information that can also be found on the receipt page, such as an order number, an invoice number or another reference ID, you should locate this field and store it in PayJoe.

You can access the information in the metadata as follows.

  1. In the tab overview on the left, click on Payments.

  2. Click on the payments individually that contain useful metadata for PayJoe. The information on the metadata can be found in the Metadata / Metadata area.

  3. Enter the name of a metadata field in your Stripe account in PayJoe in the Payment Metadata field.

  4. Now enter a start date for calling up the payments from Stripe and confirm your entries with the NEXT button.

Please check your assigned rights in Stripe if the following error message occurs:

"The provided key 'rk_live _ ******************************* XXXX' does not have the required permissions for this endpoint on account ' acct_12345678ABCDEFG '. Having the 'rak_customer_read' permission would allow this request to continue. "