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Overview of Maltese language courses - the easy way to learn Maltese on your PC, MAC, tablet or smartphone

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The Maltese express language course from offers an efficient and sustainable opportunity to learn the basics of the Maltese language in just a few days and, thanks to interactive learning and testing methods, is also entertaining.

This language course pays special attention to learning vocabulary. So that the Maltese vocabulary is never forgotten again, comes the "Long-term memory learning methodThis works on the principle of frequent repetition. The learning software ensures that the vocabulary is presented to the learner several times at certain time intervals. This helps to keep a word in mind permanently. The Learners knew the word straight away when they checked the vocabulary permanent stored in long-term memory.

The most important vocabulary and idioms required as a traveler are taught in well-prepared and thematically sorted word lists (e.g. greeting and farewell, introduction, asking about important places, at the hotel reception, eating out and menu, numbers, doctor and pharmacy)

The program package offers the possibility to print out index cards with all vocabulary. To practice listening comprehension and pronunciation, the Maltese course includes an MP3 CD with the vocabulary and all spoken texts. You can use the Maltese vocabulary you have learned in different dialogue situations.

Many customer opinions confirm a good price-performance ratio. The entire offer also serves lovers of exotic languages ​​such as Wolof, Amharic or Lingala. has published language courses in over 70 different world languages ​​for the German-speaking market since it was founded in 2002.

The Maltese language course is available on CD-ROM or as a download and runs on Windows, Windows Mobile, Linux, Mac OS X, Pocket PC and Android smartphones. Installation is not required, the language course starts directly from the CD. You can use the MP3 files on all standard MP3 players (including, of course, iPad, iPhone, iPod, Android and Windows Phone).

»Maltese language coursefrom
»Maltese language coursefrom
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the Maltese Express Course has a price of 29.95 eurosAs of September 2011

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