Can money save someone's life

Simply save lives

    You don't have to be a superhero to save lives. It's also easier to do, for example by donating blood. KIELerLEBEN media consultant Patrik Borger was donating blood for the first time and reports on his experiences.

    “To be honest, I was a bit afraid of my first blood donation. But the feeling of helping and maybe even saving someone's life with my donation prevailed. When I arrived at the UKSH blood donation center in CITTI-PARK, I was surprised by the rush there. I even had to draw a number first and wait a while. During that time I filled out a slip of paper with my personal data and information about illnesses, allergies, operations, etc. After a brief preliminary talk with a receptionist, a drop of blood was taken from my arm with a small prick. This was examined in a device for its iron content. There was enough iron in my blood, so I went to a doctor who gave me another thorough explanation and examination. Now it got serious: I came into a large room in which several people were donating blood at the same time. Luckily, sticking the needle didn't hurt at all. In order for the blood to flow better and faster, I had to knead a ball. After five minutes and a full bag of blood, it was all over. I was given a slip of paper with a barcode that I could scan at a machine. The machine rewarded me with 20 euros - a lot of money for this little effort. After that I had to stay in the waiting room for half an hour for safety reasons. But that half an hour was sweetened with free sausages, sandwiches and drinks. I would donate blood again at any time, but now I have to wait two months before my next donation. This is prescribed by the blood donation center. "

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