How does loyalty marketing affect SEO

International content marketing


What is international content marketing - and what does it have to do with SEO?

Content marketing uses content as a medium to address target groups

The catchphrase content marketing outlines a marketing method that focuses on addressing potential target groups using high-quality, informative, advisory and entertaining content. Instead of advertising messages, the aim is to make Internet users aware of your company, your products and your services through interesting content, to win them over and win them over as customers. Content marketing as a communication strategy uses specifically created added value content as a medium to reach users. The goals of content marketing can be defined very differently depending on the corporate strategy - regardless of whether it is about generating leads, greater reach, higher sales, or building the brand. Content marketing is a holistic approach. It now includes many, sometimes traditional, communicative work areas - from PR, corporate and product communication to content creation to newsletter marketing, social media and, last but not least, search engine optimization (SEO).

How SEO and content marketing complement each other

If you want to position your website in the top rankings of organic search results, you have to meet all the technical requirements on the one hand, and present high-quality content on the other. Successful SEO requires both: Technical SEO makes the website optimally visible and readable for the search engine, content marketing delivers the relevant content on the topics that fit the established SEO strategy. Only those who take both challenges seriously can prevail in the competition. Without integrated user-oriented content, your website will also not be able to build up any noteworthy backlink power. A well-thought-out interaction between content marketing and SEO is therefore a decisive factor for your success.