What if we all turned into monsters?

Zombie villagers

Zombie villagers are a variant of the normal zombies that can be healed with the help of golden apples and throwing potions of weakness, turning them into normal villagers.

Properties [edit]

  • A zombie villager has the same characteristics as a normal zombie, apart from a slightly different head appearance and a different body texture that is similar to the villagers' workwear. He tries to kill players and villagers, and convert the latter into more zombie villagers as well.
  • Zombie villagers children can act as chicken riders.
  • Zombie villagers who hold objects in their hands or wear pieces of armor lose everything after being transformed into a villager.
  • They do not swim in the water, but rather sink to the bottom. Unlike normal zombies, if they are underwater for a long time, they will not turn into drowned people.

Drops [edit]

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Zombie villagers and zombie villagers children can drop the same items on death. This includes 0 to 2 rotten meat. When a player dies, a zombie rarely drops an iron bar, carrot or potato. If the zombie is equipped with an iron sword or an iron shovel and / or pieces of armor, he seldom drops these possibly even enchanted items.

Naturally produced equipment

Halloween [edit]

[Just Java Edition] When a zombie villager with a carved pumpkin or jack-o'-lantern on his head is killed with a gun that uses plunder is enchanted, there is a chance equal to the loot level at which the pumpkin or jack-o-lantern will be dropped, up to a maximum of 3% chance of a drop.

Armed zombie villagers

Spawn [edit]

Zombies that are not desert zombies or drowned people have a 5% chance of naturally spawning as zombie villagers. Zombies appear in groups of 2 to 4 people, 5% of whom appear as zombie villagers.

[Bedrock Edition only] Version 2 zombie villagers appear when villagers are killed by zombies from a zombie spawner or from the basement of an igloo. Unemployed zombie villagers naturally spawn with appropriate biome outfits.

If any type of zombie kills a villager, there is an opportunity for the villager to transform into a zombie villager. Zombie villagers spawned in this way can only disappear by unloading the chunk.

difficulty probability
Light0 %
normal50 %
Heavy100 %

A zombie villager by profession clergyman appears next to a villager by profession clergyman in every igloo cellar. One of them turns into a tanner triggered by the workplace block (cauldron).

Zombie villagers also spawn in zombie villages. Zombie villagers who spawn in zombie villages will behave to avoid direct sunlight and will never despawn.

Zombie villagers have their own spawn egg, which can be found in the inventory. This spawn egg spawns a zombie villager when used.

Variants [edit]

Zombie Villager Child [edit]

5% of zombie villagers who spawn are zombie villager children. They behave similarly to normal zombie villagers with the following differences:

  • They are 30% faster than normal zombies, yet they have as many lives as normal zombies. This makes the zombie villager kids more dangerous than their larger variant.
  • The noises they make are higher than those made by adult zombie villagers.
  • Sometimes they can ride chickens.
  • You can also ride the following creatures‌[Bedrock Edition only]:
  • Zombie villager kids transform into baby villagers when healed.
  • Worn armor shrinks to your body size.
  • They fit through 1 × 1 large gaps in the block.
  • They drop 12 when killed by the player instead of 5.
  • Unlike most of the other baby creatures in the game, they remain children indefinitely and never grow into "adult" zombie villagers.
  • They have a smaller hitbox size.

Zombie villager children emerge when a zombie kills a villager child, the likelihood of infection is the same as adult zombie villagers. Zombie villager children also spawn naturally, but the combined chance (5% villagers x 5% children) is 0.25% (or a 1 in 400 chance) of all newly spawned zombies.

Villager variants

A zombie villager retains his biome and profession after converting from villager to zombie villager. They also keep their offers.

The table lists the various occupations and the associated occupational blocks:

Professions / Appearance [edit]

Any equipment picked up has a 100% chance of being dropped and will drop with the same damage level as it was when picked up.

Behavior [edit]

Zombie villagers act like ordinary zombies, but their character model's head and face are reminiscent of that of a villager shaded with a darker shade of green. Zombie villagers keep their professions and clothes that have a tattered appearance. Naturally spawned zombie villagers (or those spawned with spawn eggs) have a random occupation that is not retained upon healing. Instead, they become unemployed unless there is a work block nearby. Zombie villagers can also spawn with the jobless appearance. Baby zombie villagers are always unemployed.

Unlike normal zombies, zombie villagers do not drown and remain unaffected by submerging.

Like zombies, they step on turtle eggs to destroy them.


Any zombie villager can be healed and made a villager again. To do this, you throw a litter of weakness at him or shoot him with a soaked arrow of weakness and then give him a golden apple with a right click. As soon as he has consumed the golden apple, there is a loud hissing and crackling sound; the villager begins to tremble and emits effect particles. After a while he becomes a villager again. Every item that he previously held in his hand and every piece of armor is lost during the healing process. This also works for zombie villagers kids.

Zombie villagers are healed faster near beds and iron bars. A cube of 9 × 9 × 9 blocks around the zombie villager is tested. Up to a maximum of 14 found blocks, each half of the bed and each iron grating accelerates healing. At 14 the possible maximum is reached, further bed halves or iron bars in the 9 × 9 × 9 cube have no additional healing effect. This effect only saves a few seconds of time. Since the conversion time from zombie to villager is not constant, it can still happen that a zombie villager without beds and iron bars in his environment converts faster than a zombie villager with these blocks. The healing process can take between 2:50 and 4:00 minutes with the help of the full bed and iron bars bonus.

During the healing process, the zombie villager still retains his zombie properties. He continues to attack players and tries to infect other villagers.

You can tell from the texture of the zombie villager what job he had or will have as a villager. However, his future career is not recognizable and can also differ from his original career.

NBT data [edit]

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  • Zombie villagers has the object ID "zombie_villager"
    • General object properties
    • General characteristics
    • General creature traits
    • IsBaby: 1 or 0 (true / false) - true if the zombie is a baby. Can be omitted.
    • CanBreakDoors: 1 or 0 (true / false) - true if the zombie can destroy doors (default value 0).
    • DrownedConversionTime: Number of ticks until the zombie becomes a drowned man or a desert zombie becomes a zombie. (Default value -1 if no transformation is in progress).
    • InWaterTime: Number of ticks that the (desert) zombie is already under water, used for DrownedConversionTime. (Standard value -1 if no transformation is in progress).
    • ConversionTime: Number of ticks until the zombie villager is converted back to a villager (-1 if the zombie villager is not converted back to a villager). The regeneration effect parallels this.
    • ConversionPlayer: The UUID of the player who initiated the healing of the zombie villager.
    • VillagerData: Information about the profession and about the villager’s type, profession, and level.
      • level: The current level of the villager's trade offers.