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vinoamano is the online shop for selected wines and delicacies at low prices. If you are looking for a red wine, white wine or Prosecco, you will find exactly what you are looking for in our shop. We carefully examine each wine beforehand. So that there is something for every type of wine.

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In our shop you will mainly find Italian wines. You can easily buy these online. Regardless of whether popular grape varieties such as Primitivo, Negroamaro or Sangiovese or wines from special locations such as Lugana. With us every wine lover will find what their heart desires. We can now offer wines from many regions of Italy. For example in the south of Puglia or Sicily. Abruzzo in central Italy. Or Veneto and Trentino in the north. As an addition, we also offer delicious specialties such as olive oil or pasta. That makes the wine moment perfect. Every item in our range is updated on an ongoing basis. This enables us to implement information and changes quickly and always offer our customers the best shopping experience. As wine enthusiasts, we love to try new things. That is why you can regularly find new wines at vinoamano. So it's always worth checking out.

This is how buying wine online at vinoamano works

Buying wine online at vinoamano is quick and easy. Beginners and experienced enthusiasts will quickly find their way around with us. We categorize our wines by country and region. This way we can make the search as easy as possible. If you spent your last vacation in Apulia, for example, you can find this region with just a few clicks. We also have wines that have won great prizes. These are marked with the keyword "Prämiert" and are easy to recognize in the overview. After you have found your articles, you can conveniently review and close them. Each item is shipped directly from our warehouse. That is why you can combine the wines as you wish. The order will be at home in just 1-5 working days. Free shipping for a goods value of € 79 or more.

What makes the vinoamano online shop so special?

It is our aim that every wine lover will find the right wine with us. And you will also want to discover something new. That is why we go to great lengths to tell you in detail about our products. With us you will find understandable article descriptions that are not too long and still contain all the necessary information. With every wine we tell something about the winery, the grape variety and the location. We do all of this without the typical attitude of a normal wine merchant. Although playing a little "snob" can be fun :-) - And if the information from the texts is not enough, we look forward to calls (02561 4483600) and emails to answer any question. Our customers feel that they are being looked after at all times, leaving their heads free for new wines.

Tips, information and news about wines on the blog of vinoamano.de

You can find even more insights into our world on our blog. Here you can regularly find news and information about wineries we work with. So you can get to know the country and the wines even better. We also give tips that can make things a lot easier for a wine drinker in everyday life. We deal with wine around the clock and want to share our knowledge. At the same time, we look forward to feedback and suggestions to continuously improve our offer.