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  • TXT are now in America for their promotion there and have successfully completed their first showcase at the Playstation Theater.
    There they performed their 5 songs, Cat & Dog in the English version, Nap of the Star in an acoustic version and, for the first time, Our Summer.
    They spoke English throughout the showcase.

    Regarding the fandom name controversy:
    BigHit announced a few days ago that they would be looking for a new name.
    Proposals will be accepted until May 12th

    The TXT members have started new content on VLIVE, where they split up and devote themselves to other topics.
    Taehyun and Beomgyu have a kind of radio show, Kai and Soobin do handicraft lessons and Yeonjun wants to offer gaming content.


    BTS is currently also staying in America and has two days of Rosebowl behind them.
    The performed pieces are largely those of the previous concerts, but some songs have been exchanged for those by Persona.
    Furthermore, various performances have been changed, e.g. the solo pieces.
    Incidentally, it begins with Dionysus and becomes a 'playground' (like a bouncy castle) at Anpanman during the course of the concert.

    Various US celebrities were also present on both days such as Khalid and at least one of the Jonas brothers.

    After the concert, BTS enjoyed some free time. Namjoon pursued his interest in art, Jungkook went to an Ariana Grande concert and even met her backstage (photo on Ariana's IG), Yoongi watched the Marvel Endgame film and was at a Dodgers baseball game and met the Korean player Ryu ( Pitcher) and some went viral as "Little Man"

    By the way, here is an article, among other things, about how civilly ARMYs counter racist comments:…eople-made-210517352.html

    And BTS broke another record:
    Gaon Charts announced that Map of the Soul: Persona has sold ~ 3.23 million units (Hanteo has sold ~ 2.33 million).
    In doing so, they have broken the 24-year-old record, which has been held by Kim Gun Mo with Wrongful Meeting (2.86 million) since 1995.

    Incidentally, a collaboration with Khalid was confirmed in a radio interview. However, it is not known when this will appear.

    Here the BBMA performance with Halsey

    Speaking of BBMAs:
    It was revealed that actresses were being paid to pose as "crazy" fans in order to reproduce the stereotype.
    At the beginning of the performance by BTS and Halsey, specific attention was paid to this.
    (Fun fact: right in front of the fakes is an ARMY and is chill)

    And another release news:
    BTS will release a new Japanese single in early July. This time an original track, which also gets an MV and is the first JP original with an MV after several years. The track title is Lights and comes with the JP version of Boy with Luv and IDOL. IDOL will also get an MV.
    As in previous releases, version A will contain a DVD with the MVs, version B a DVD with the making ofs and version C a photobook. There is also CD only and a fan club version.
    If you should get a version of the single: From your own experience, the photo book version would be recommended, as a later album will probably contain a DVD / BD with the MVs etc. (that's how it was with Face Yourself)

    BTS had their concert in Chicago and TXT was also in Chicago for today's showcase.
    TXT were spotted later at the concert and watched the whole thing.
    Beomgyu tweeted a little clip and a group photo was posted on both the BTS member account and the TXT member account.


    As is known, Wanna One has been disbanded. Kang Daniel, one of the most popular members of the group, had taken legal action against his agency due to various lousy moves that made Daniel incapacitated.
    It has now been announced that the contract has been legally terminated and Daniel is now free and can now make music according to his ideas again. It is unknown whether and if so which agency he will join. One possibility would be PSY's P-Nation, as it has already taken in Hyuna and E'Dawn, who are known to have been kicked out of Cube because of their couple.
    Maybe Daniel also does a "one-man-show".
  • As is well known, media play etc. is no secret in the SK Idol world, especially in relation to the 'Big3'
    YG is considered to be the largest media player.

    Netizens have now exposed YG's story for media play, plagiarism, streaming manipulation, etc., which shows that, among other things, the finger was pointed at others, while YG dumped crap with his groups.…se-ygs-media-play-history

    I'm not a fan of allkpop (and Koreaboo either), but they seem to be the only ones who have taken up this extensively at the moment.


    After a long delay, the BTS World Mobile Game will soon appear, in which the players become BTS 'managers.
    An OST track has already been published for this purpose.
    Dream Glow, which is sung by members Jin, Jimin and Jungkook and was created in collaboration with Charlie XCX.

    Except for the Japanese dates, the world tour has now been successfully completed for the first time and will be dedicated to the 6th anniversary in SK with the FESTA and fan meeting.
    On the first day in Paris there was Halsey as a spontaneous surprise guest, who flew in from England especially for this purpose and had to leave immediately after the performance.
    In London, Wembley, Jin re-enacted Freddie Mercury's famous Ayo with ARMYs.


    Just in time for Pride month, Sunmi announced its support for LGBTQ + on her world tour in Europe.
    At first, some understood it as if they were part of the community themselves, but this was then corrected by Sunmi to be confirmed supporters.

    In line with this topic:
    Taehyung from BTS had published a clip on Twitter where a piano piece was played and it turned out to be the OST of an LGBTQ + film (with 2 men in focus). In one of the last VLIVEs that he did with Hoseok, he said that he had watched the film (Call me by your name) and described it as meaningful.

    Although many see the film as not good, possibly even problematic, as they see young LGBTQ + members worth protecting, the fact that Taehyung watched it speaks for itself.
    BTS in general is supportive and also applauded Imagine Dragons speech at the BBMAs.

    The solo singer Holland and openly homosexual had to manage his music and everything around it himself for a while, including crowdfunding. Now he finally seems to have found an agency that has taken him on and supports him in his activities. What this is, however, is still unknown.


    After Kang Daniel ended his disputes with his previous agency and was able to bring about the termination of his contract in court, it was initially quiet around him. Now he is returning and has founded his own one-man agency called KONNECT Entertainment and is preparing for his comeback.


    BIígHit holds the 7th Hit It Auditions, at which one can audition. Boys older than year of birth 2001 are not allowed to participate.
    You can participate with self-written raps (no MR / copy allowed) and self-written vocal songs (MR / cover allowed)
    The prize is 5 million won.

    By the way, Yoongi from BTS was the 2nd winner of the very first Hit It Audition.

  • If you are interested in the upcoming Japanese single Lights / Boy With Luv from BTS, you can officially purchase it from us (has an EAN code) at several locations, including Amazon and Thalia.
    The versions with photobook, DVD with music videos and DVD with making ofs are available and currently cost € 13.99 (RRP?) As the lowest price.

    I myself pre-ordered the Photobook Edition because I learned from the 'mistake' I made with Chi, Ase, Namida and MIC Drop, because on the Face Yourself album there was a Blu-ray with the music videos + their making ofs. Does that mean I'll play poker again on a Blu-ray with all MVs for an upcoming album.

    BTS received their 19th Music Show win with Boy With Luv today and broke EXO's previous record with 18 wins.


    Breaking News:

    After the Burning Sun scandal and now a drug scandal concerning B.I from iKON, both YG brothers have announced their resignation from YG Entertainment. As a result, B.I left iKON and its contract was terminated.…ug-use-and-ties-to-police…own-from-yg-entertainment…-resign-from-ceo-position

    There was also a share price case after reports got around that there was a dodgy relationship between YG and the police (e.g. to keep the drug case secret)…ys-alleged-ties-to-police


    More news:

    Solo artist Samuel has had his name trademarked and set up his own one-man agency to start an independent career because he feels that Brave Entertainment has treated him unfairly. (including payment)

    This of course causes differences between him and his current agency Brave Entertainment, which have taken legal steps in this regard.

    Some suspect another "Kang Daniel case" is behind this.
  • Lulu wrote:

    YG, who we know as the face of YG Entertainment, wasn't even the CEO, but his brother.
    And both are now stepping back. It is unclear who will take over YG Entertainment in the end. I suspect there will be a deputy CEO who will then step in.
    But when you see how some of the artists were treated, I would almost say that a change in leadership is good. Especially when the management or the face of the company is stuck with dirt.
    We don't want to fool ourselves, the whole music industry, especially with girl and boy groups, is pure exploitation. When you hear that people sometimes have to pay for their borrowed costumes themselves if something breaks on stage, that's crazy. Only those who hold out for a long time and are successful will also get out financially well.
  • BigHit held a press conference today and released several pieces of information there:

    After taking over Source Music (GFRIENDS company), they want to start a global casting for a new girl group together with Source Music (who are still acting independently).

    Furthermore, towards the end of 2020 there should be a K-Drama on the BU (BTS Universe), which should answer many open questions.
    However, BTS will not be the cast but selected actors.

    With Netmarble (BTS World) another BTS mobile game is in development.

    There are also plans to expand the ticket system for concerts that is common in South Korea to the West, as BigHit is currently trying everything possible to prevent fraudsters / rip-offs from receiving tickets. This means that tickets are personalized and cannot be resold, as the name on the ticket and ID card must match.
    Likewise, it might require a community / fan club membership and the tickets could also be issued in the lottery process. That is the name of the coincidence.
    ** This will probably apply to a certain portion and the other portion will be sold regularly. The ID system also makes it easier to find fraudsters who still try to sell the tickets on for a profit. A report has recently been issued that a fraudster has been arrested.

    Here is an article from Kpopherald about this:…71750579774162_2#_enliple
    and a quote:

    He addressed the graduating class, stressing how his source of energy that created BTS and its label Big Hit Entertainment was “anger” and “rage” toward mediocrity and unfairness in the society.


    Bang called on graduates to get angry against unfairness in the society and fight for change. Meanwhile, he also urged them to not settle with standards and goals set by others, but find ways to be happy by pursuing after dreams that are based on common sense and contribute to the society.

    By the way, BTS is currently on a well-deserved extended vacation until it will probably continue with a comeback in October.
    Official announcement:
    The communication with the fans remains, however, and Taehyung has released his non-commercial solo song Winter Bear.

    TOMORROW X TOGETHER, on the other hand, was hit pretty badly.
    Their comeback was planned for the end of August, but several members are in poor health and the comeback was postponed to the end of September and then again to the end of October so that the focus can be placed on recovery.


    And an update on the YG case:
    Yang has been banned from leaving the country because the police feared attempted escape while continuing their investigation into his alleged crimes.

    BigHit uploaded the entire conference including English subtitles to their channel

  • Hmm interesting, I'm more of a GFriend fan than BTS, but their songs from the last two or three years were unfortunately not really good. The "current" Fever is okay but not outstanding, like their earlier hits like Rough, Navillera or Fingertip.
    From that point of view I am glad that GFriend is still around and I hope positively that by taking over Big Hit they will release a few "Power" songs again.


    The Finger Heart Festival will soon take place in Mannheim. Also included are Monsta X, Cosmic Girls and KARD.…al-28-september-2019-1740
  • Thanks to a Twitter post, it took me many years to realize the following fact:

    Many are probably familiar with the Korean vocaloid SeeU
    The song was written by 'hitman' Bang, i.e. Bang Sihyuk, BigHit CEO, and the voice was provided by one of the GLAM members at the time.
    In a live performance by GLAM with SeeU in the feature, Jimin, Hoseok and 2 other pre-debut BTS members (currently not definable) were back dancers.

    damn .....
    SeeU (Korean: 시유; RR: Siyu) is a female Korean vocal created for the Vocaloid 3 software by SBS A&T (formerly SBS Artech) [a] and was the only Korean vocal released for that version of the software. As well as a Korean vocal, she possessed a Japanese vocal. The voice behind her is Dahee Kim from the band GLAM.


    In a YouTube analysis, the popularity of different K-Pop groups was assigned to countries / continents.
    It emerged that BTS is generally the most popular group, but in regional terms in America and Europe, especially Germany, Great Britain, France, etc. BTS are the most popular.
    In Japan, the girl group TWICE is currently the most popular group.

    However, it should be noted that this does not have to be representative of the fan strength, but that the search also includes 'General public' or even Antis.

    Some also doubt the results for some groups.
  • Twice seems extremely popular, especially in Asia. However, if I go for Instagram Likes, then Blackpink is at least 10 times more popular. Twice is at least five times as popular as Girlfriend. As I said, simply tied to the amount of likes that the individual groups get.
    Blackpink achieved around 2 million likes per post, Twice just 200,000. And both are about equally active on social media.

    As for the Finger Heart Festival, I'm actually tempted to go there. It is not very close and it is currently still quite unsafe, but maybe it will work out after all.