Which beer gives the mildest hangover

Celebrate without consequences: prevent the hangover

There are many reasons to celebrate throughout the year: Whether it's birthday parties or just a happy group of friends. One or the other glass of alcohol is part of it. So that it doesn't go to your head and you don't hang on the ropes the day after, we have a few good tips on how you can prevent the hangover.

Sparkling wine, wine, beer or cocktails - alcoholic drinks are often a must to toast. But that can quickly end with a headache and discomfort the next morning.

Anti-hangover tips

So that you can enjoy the evening and to prevent a hangover the next morning, you should consider the following tips:

Do not take pain medication as a precaution

If you think you can prevent the hangover by taking a headache pill on the evening of the party, you shouldn't do that. Because painkillers, like alcohol, are broken down through the liver. This can put a heavy strain on the circulation and the liver has to do a double job, which can lead to poisoning. If you want, you can test the homeopathic “hangover remedy” Nux vomica in a low potency: take 5 globules in the morning, during the day and the next day.

Relieve the hangover

And what if your head is booming after the party? Our tips will help so that you will soon feel better again:

No paracetamol for a hangover

If you have a hangover headache, do not choose pain relievers with paracetamol, as it puts additional strain on the liver after consuming alcohol. The liver needs time to break down alcohol: Depending on gender and weight, 0.1 to 0.2 per thousand is broken down per hour.



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