What is the anime Loveless about


  • Genre: Shounen Ai, Romance
  • Number of volumes: 7
  • Publication: 2002
  • Author: Yun Kouga
  • Artist: Yun Kouga
  • Publisher: Egmont Anime & Manga

To the manga

The manga was first published in 2002 and was published in seven volumes by Egmont and Anime Verlag. The individual characters, as well as the storyline, all come from the pen of the draftsman and mangaka Yun Kouga.


[[Image: Loveless.PNG |]]

The student Ritsuka Aoyagi is deeply affected by the death of his brother. When he started a new class, he still hadn't come to terms with this trauma. He is dismissive of his classmates and is increasingly marginalizing himself. However, after a while, Yuiko Hawatari manages to get closer to the boy and build a friendly relationship with him.

One day the boy meets a man in front of the school who introduces himself to him as Soubi Agatsuma. He explains to him that he is an old friend of his late brother Seimei. He also tells him that his brother asked him to always stand by Ritsuka before he died. For Ritsuka it is now certain that he will follow in his brother's footsteps. Each pair now consists of a '' Fighter '' and a '' Sacrifice ''.

After the death of his brother, the boy often feels left alone and looks quite melancholy and insecure on the outside. He is undecided whether to trust Soubi or not. Therefore, he is always looking for contact with his mother, who is a little overwhelmed with the situation and abuses him because of it.

But one day events roll over and a mysterious woman contacts Ritsuka about a computer game and tells him that his brother may not be dead, but is still alive. The organization Nana Tsuki is said to be responsible for his brother's disappearance.

Framework story

The story of Loveless takes place in a world full of magic and magic. Some people are closely connected to each other here and are able to cast powerful spells due to this spiritual connection. It is their destiny for such couples to fight each other. Soubi and Seimei were once such a couple whose common name was "Beloved".

The task of the '' fighter '' is now to fight and that of the '' sacrifice // to suffer pain and torment. It is the // fighter's lot to obey the scrifice completely. This is not always easy for Ritsuka. He and Soubi also have different names. This is also the reason why the two are not properly connected to each other.

To the series


The story of the series is relatively identical to the plot of the manga. Except for a few details, the story of the young Ritsuka, who follows in the footsteps of his deceased brother, is also told here.


The character design of the figures is kept quite pretty. But unfortunately it lacks a little special flair. One of the drawbacks of the drawings is the fact that some of the work was done quite roughly and with very thick screen foils.

In addition, it seems quite noticeable that the character of the catgirls in the story is kept much more naive than their male counterparts. The action itself also seems a bit sluggish in some places. But it is within the legible range.