Why are some people so lucky

Why some people fear their own happiness

You can understand fear of snakes, spiders or great heights. But is there a fear of happiness? Psychologists are on the trail of this phenomenon - and at the same time are looking for ways and strategies for more joy in life.

Not everyone opens their door with joy when happiness knocks. Some people seem to be looking for failure and dissatisfaction in life. They fear that they are doing too well and dampen feelings of joy. Researchers call this phenomenon “fear of happiness”.

Psychiatrist Paul Gilbert of the British Kingsway Hospital found out in 2012 that fear of happiness is closely related to depression. As the US journal "Scientific American" reports, some people equate happiness with a certain form of laziness: For them, happiness is immoral.

Others felt uncomfortable when they weren't always worried about something. Still others feared that if they were very happy about something, it would be taken away from them.

The fear of enjoying life is linked to the superstition “that a person who is happy has to reckon with something negative - a kind of punishment for happiness,” says the Salzburg psychiatrist and neurologist Manfred Stelzig: “That can be a stroke of fate or be a disease, something that inevitably puts people who were just happy to a severe test in the next moment. "

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