What should opera singers eat

Good nutrition for singers

Do you know the expression "singing with your stomach"? The relationship between the location of your digestive system and the accuracy of your voice goes way beyond simple breathing exercises! What you eat can affect your voiceThat is why you should check out your next karaoke party Check your special music shopping list again!

The enemy

First of all, it should be noted that there is no meal that singers should eat before a performance and no less a miracle food that singers should better sing. For this reason, the list is a little empty and it is important to first eliminate the ingredients that could harm your voice at the most important moment.

In any case, the greatest enemy of singing is reflux oesophagitis, also popularly known as heartburn. A terrible word to describe the sour stomach acid that is incompatible with singing. Some foods are more conducive to heartburn than others:

  • Avoid being spicy dishes (Goodbye chili sauce, etc.).
  • Dairy products are also difficult to digest for some people and also produce phlegm
  • .
  • Generally speaking: heavy food is inconvenient (save your homemade lasagna for the day after the karaoke party).
  • Still water can be consumed in larger quantities, carbonated drinks and alcohol however, promote the production of gastric acid. Quite apart from that, alcohol also changes your perception ...

Another enemy is called: dry mouth:

  • Sweetened food have this annoying quality.
  • Very salty products too.
  • coffee is also counted among the dehydrating foods with negative effects on the quality of the voice.
  • So tea? Be careful with its stimulating and dehydrating effects.

The friends

So when can you drink and eat to avoid this inconvenience?
When it comes to drinks, it's very simple: Water, water and more water (ideally room temperature). Then as you now know there is nothing better for singing than a balanced water balance. And that doesn't mean you should drink between the pieces while you sing, but several hours beforehand.

For the rest, that is the key a balanced diet, very easily. Some pointers are useful in this context:

  • Grain,
  • Raw food,
  • Carbohydrates,
  • Vegetables,
  • lean meat,
  • Fish,
  • Fruit (except sour),
  • Green tea

published on: 07/06/2018