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What is actually ... David Jones?

In 1952 the basketball department of USC Heidelberg was founded.

25 national players played for the Heidelberg basketball team - the club won nine German championships and two cup wins. In short: The club has a large portion of tradition and has celebrated many successes in the past. The new column "What is actually doing ...?" Deals with players and people who have shaped the past 64 years of history - and sheds light on what they are doing today.

When would he have time for a telephone interview? I ask him. “I would have time at nine o'clock tomorrow morning,” he replies. The date is fixed, but it quickly becomes clear that we were talking about different times. I thought David Jones was staying in his Texan homeland, but he tells me that he is currently working in Vietnam. Well, then we’ll talk on the phone at three o'clock German time, I think. The time invested - it will be worth it. Ultimately, the question to be answered is what exactly David "DJ" Jones is doing right now.

Jones played for USC Heidelberg in the 1990s.

However, gaming is not the correct expression: Jones scored what it took. He scored 3,313 points in 117 games. 28.3 points on average. No other player in the history of USC Heidelberg achieved such a good average. The American has just come fresh from breakfast, in a few minutes he will be starting the second session in the morning at his basketball camp - he is accordingly in a good mood and bubbles off. “My time in Heidelberg was so wonderful. The organization, the former players - we're still good friends today. The relationship with the fans, the people in charge at the time: that means so much to me, ”he emphasizes. But it is not the "classic phrases", this is important to him. “My daughter Mailee was born in the university hospital. This is another reason why the connection to Heidelberg is very strong - my family and I come back about once a year, ”says the 49-year-old.

He used the vast majority of his time to build up his agency Shooting for Success. This agency organizes numerous basketball camps around the world and aims to make the sport of basketball more popular and the best players even better. Jones is not only on basketball camps in Vietnam, Australia, China, Germany or the USA, but also works with NBA, WNBA and other professional players. Among others, Tim Ohlbrecht from Ulm trusts the knowledge and experience of Jones. With a view to the career of the 2.10 meter center, rightly so.

But “DJ” has not only passed on his enthusiasm for basketball to external people - he has also passed on his genes within his own family. Daughter Mailee (now in her early 20s) plays for Youngstown State University. Papa Jones is very proud that his daughter is one of the current 12,551 students and tells us when the next games will be televised. But back to DJ.

Since his agency was founded, Jones has been working on expanding and expanding it. Shooting for Success should continue to grow - and is growing steadily. To do this, he will be traveling from San Antonio to Austria, Hungary, Australia, China, Taiwan, India, Greece, Mexico and Germany over the next three months. The “throwing doctor” may not only help Ohlbrecht and some other players to achieve higher hit rates, but also help some young hopefuls to the hoped-for breakthrough. And maybe then not only the Jones family will return to Heidelberg, but another, more accurate player.


Luke Robert