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Watering plants on vacation: this is how they survive WITHOUT watering

There is hardly anything better than finally starting your well-deserved vacation. But leave the houseplants alone for two weeks without being watered? Not a very good idea in most cases.

The simplest solution: ask neighbors, relatives or friends for help. In this case, you should put the plants together as much as possible and group those with similar needs. This is how you make it easier for your vacation replacement.

But if you cannot find someone who can water your plants while you are away, you have to find another solution so that your plants do not dry out by the time you return. We'll show you the best tricks you can use to water your plants on vacation.

5 tricks for plants to survive the vacation

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Trick # 1: watering with a clay cone

The simple but ingenious system of clay cones is ideal for watering your plants while you are on vacation. These are simply put into the potting soil and a container with water is screwed on top. Your plants can then draw the water themselves.

The advantage: Your plants are not overwatered, but take what they need. The disadvantage: The clay cones are only suitable for watering your indoor plants if you a week at most are gone. Depending on the weather and temperature, the number of clay cones also has to be varied and it is not always easy to find the right amount. So it's best to test it beforehand.

Here you can get the clay cones for watering plants at Amazon.

Trick # 2: water plants with woolen thread

The trick with the wool thread works on a similar principle to watering with clay cones. Take a large bucket and fill it with water. Cut a thick string of organic material into suitable pieces, insert one end into the planter and let the other hang in the water container. In this way, the plants can pull what they need from the bucket via the cord.

Depending on how many plants you have, this method can be impractical. Depending on the size of the bucket and the number of plants, this system is also about sufficient a week long.

Tip: Dip the line in water beforehand so that it can soak up. Also, make sure that you weigh down the ends of the cords with stones on the ground so that water is drawn in when the container is almost empty. Watering plants on vacation made easy!

Trick # 3: water plants with a plastic bottle

Put upside down water bottles in the buckets? We saw that before with Grandma. In order to water your plants properly during your vacation, however, you need a certain tact. Because simply filling bottles with water and sticking them in the ground is not enough. Not only is the water used up too quickly, but in the worst case scenario, waterlogging and root rot can occur.

Better: To build your own holiday irrigation, simply fill the bottles with water and poke small holes in the lid of the bottle. Depending on the plant's water needs, a small hole is enough. You should definitely try this out before you go on holiday.

You need at least one or two bottles per plant, depending on the pot size. You can use your plants for this two weeks long water when you are on vacation.

Trick # 4: watering houseplants with kitchen roll

Professional irrigation systems for plants can be quite expensive. On the other hand, the option of watering plants with kitchen roll is particularly easy AND cheap.

The principle is the same as with wool thread: Simply compress the kitchen roll into a strand and soak it in water. Wrap one end around the plant and press down firmly. Put the other end in a bucket of water. The plant now draws the water it needs for itself. Watering plants while on vacation is up to a week and a half possible.

Trick # 5: Indoor Plants Irrigation System

A reliable and professional method of watering plants on vacation is an irrigation system that pumps water from a container into the flower pots using hoses and supplies the plants with water evenly. Thanks to a timer, the same amount of water is dispensed every day so that there is no waterlogging.

The disadvantage: prefabricated irrigation systems are quite expensive. But they can do your plants for that for over a week supply with water.

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Trick # 6: water plants with water dispensers while on vacation

Watering plants on vacation is also very easy with water dispensers. These combine the function of clay cones and hoses. That means: clay cones are put into the flower pots, but instead of screwing a container directly onto it, you lead hoses from the clay cone into a large bucket of water.

In contrast to the simple clay cones, this method has the advantage that you can keep your plants over a longer period of time about 14 days can supply with water.

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Watering plants while on vacation: THESE methods are unsuitable

1) Pre-pour "vigorously": Not every plant likes it when the soil is too moist. Waterlogging can cause it to die.

2) Put plants in the bathtub: Sometimes it is advisable to put the plants in the bathtub and fill them with water a few centimeters high. But as mentioned above, many plants do not like waterlogging. In addition, most bathrooms do not have suitable lighting conditions for indoor plants.

Irrigation for houseplants: everything runs smoothly!

Once you have found the right method to water your plants during your vacation, there are a few more tips that you should keep in mind:

1) Put your plants in a bright but shady place. This way they get enough light, but need significantly less water than when they are in direct sunlight. Most irrigation systems also unnecessarily evaporate water from their containers when it is too warm.

2) Put your plants as close together as possible in small groups. That makes watering easier.

3) Refrain from fertilizing your plants before your vacation. The fertilization stimulates the plants to grow and this increases the need for water.

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