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My cat is attacking me! - What's behind it and what you can do

Nothing happens for no reason in the animal kingdom. So if your cat attacks you, it has a reason. This post will help you understand their behavior better. The good news first: Your cat doesn't mean it personally when it attacks you.

As long as our house tigers are well-behaved and well-behaved, it is all too easy to forget that there is still a predator hidden under their fur. In order to survive in the wild, cats also need a certain level of aggression. It is innate and therefore completely natural.

However, this natural instinct can lead to friction when keeping cats indoors. When primal instincts break out and the dear kitty suddenly turns into a scratchy fury, we as humans are irritated. If no conspecific or other playmate is available, people quickly become objects of such belligerence.

My cat attacks me - the solution

Even if the attack is not aimed at you, your cat is clearly showing what it is missing: Sometimes it just wants to let its nature run free and just be wild. It is important that we, as holders, give this behavior appropriate space. Indoor cats in particular need a suitable object on which they can get rid of their aggressions to their heart's content.

Fighting cats love to grip something that they can really bite and kick at the same time. A toy that is not too small and preferably contains some valerian is perfect. Valerian is like an attractant for cats that they simply cannot resist. It increases the fun even more.

This is Scratchy, the play mouse for aggressive cats, filled with valerian!

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You can even use the large stuffed animal to actively challenge your cat to a fight. This is how, with a little practice and patience, you can avoid her attacking you instead, should she have done so in the past. If you regularly fight her like this for a few minutes, your cat will learn that it is okay to act aggressively on the stuffed animal.

If you also schedule fixed "fight times", you can even condition your cat perfectly. She learns that there are specific times of the day for her outbursts of anger. If you are still being attacked by her, try to ignore her attacks as much as possible. So she will gradually lose the fun.

The last solution: a water gun

If, despite all your efforts, your cat does not let itself be stopped from attacking you, you will have to use harder guns for better or for worse. For example, there are cats who prefer to attack their humans when they enter or leave their homes. If you place a water pistol within reach in the entrance area, you can train it to behave in this way.

Even if it is difficult to stay cool, you should definitely avoid yelling at your cat. Unfortunately, you will not achieve anything with her with this, she could even see this form of punishment as a challenge to attack you even more now.

The really best solution, however, is not to keep a cat alone. You can read here why you should buy a second cat.

Featured Image: Steve Jurvetson / Ghost / CC-BY

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