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Singer Lorde enjoys her new freedom

Finally 20. Ella Yelich-O'Connor alias Lorde wasn't even four years ago when she was 16 and suddenly appeared on the scene with her songs “Royals” or “Tennis Court” as well as the extremely successful album “Pure Heroine” especially teeny teen. But somehow more mature, smarter, more adult than their peers. And now? “In my head, it was really high time to leave my teenage phase behind,” says the deep-voiced Lorde, who is in the best of moods during the interview in an expensive Berlin hotel. “But I want to emphasize that I don't just do adult things. I like to have a drink, sleep forever and roast on the beach. ”Nevertheless, the friends back home in Auckland, New Zealand, where Lorde still lives, would claim that she was a 200-year-old witch.

In order to write her new, again very great and varied album "Melodrama", Lorde went to New York, where she separated from her first boyfriend (details can be found on the single "Green Light"), went drinking and partying , Gaining experience and "enjoying the wonderful freedom that you have when you are young, single and in New York". But not all of the songs written together with the US musician Jack Antonoff (“Jack is very young at heart, and deep down I am an old lady.”) Are happy. "Liability" is about the dark side of freedom: loneliness. “Most of all, the song is about me gradually realizing who I am. I settled in comfortably, realizing that I'm pretty singular, and that's okay. "

Leaving New Zealand forever is out of the question for Lorde - at least according to the current state of affairs. “I need life there, the small town, clarity, my family, my friends. At home it doesn't matter if I've just performed at the Grammys. ”In short, being in Auckland prevents them from taking off. But does the danger even exist? In any case, it is not melodramatic, if the album title suggests it. “I don't think I'm particularly inclined to melodrama. However, I like to feel everything and everything very intensely, in the face of such very real, self-exaggerated emotions, I have my melodramatic moments. ”But she was still rather relaxed. There are reasons why the album is called “Melodrama”: She laughs “almost at myself and at this attitude when you're 19 and everything feels like the greatest thing in the world,” says Lorde.

On “Melodrama” she no longer sings about we, but about I. Perhaps the experiences that she addresses on the album are atypical - after all, people are “politically and socially much more interested and committed than two or three years ago”. Some of her friends would even read the newspaper again. Well: “I didn't even stop reading the newspaper. I think it's very important to be informed. "

The first big hit - "Royals" (2013):

Then came "Tennis Court" (2013):

"Yellow Flicker Beat" is from the soundtrack to "The Hunger Games - Mockingjay Part 1" (2014):

The first single from the current album - "Green Light" (2017):

"Liability" is also on the right track (2017):