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1950 born in Halle / Saale
1957 Moved to Hamburg after the imprisonment of my critical Marxist father for "subversive agitation and subversive group formation" (7.5 years imprisonment in Bautzen)
1963 Return to the GDR
1969-1974 Studied theology at the University of Greifswald
1974-1980 usual preparatory steps for the parish office
1981-1987 Student pastor in the Protestant student community of Greifswald, operational process "Apostle" of the State Security
1987-1989 Pastor in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg
October 6, 1989 Moved to the Federal Republic, then unemployed
1994-2009 Hospital priest in Neuruppin
2009-2015 Hospital priest in Berlin-Reinickendorf, since retired


Rahel von Saß: The Greifswalder Weg. The GDR church policy and the Evangelical Church in Greifswald from 1980 to 1989, ed. v. State representative of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania for the documents of the State Security Service of the former GDR, Schwerin 1998, ISBN 3-933255-08-2. Presentation of the "ESG Greifswald in the mirror of the OV Apostel" mainly on pages 119-138.

Harro Lucht: Did a Christian student community in the GDR have a socio-political responsibility ?, in: R. Nitzsche / K. Glöckner (ed.): Geistige Heimat ESG - Live in freedom for a good reason. Memories of 60 years of ESG Greifswald, ed. v. ESG Greifswald, 2006, ISBN 3-86006-253-0, pp. 149-172.

"That's how I experienced it. From a Christian life in the GDR. Pastor Harro Lucht tells", radio interview with Harro Lucht, Horeb broadcaster, broadcast on November 9, 2014. The double CD is free of charge and can be ordered in any number from the CD duplication service at fax no. 08328 / 921-142.