Can I enlarge my penis?

Penis enlargement / penis lengthening

J. Hagen: "This is a very far-reaching question and if you want to answer it scientifically correctly, it would be an extremely long text. Surgical penis enlargement is performed by doctors and medical staff and is an operation. So it is not that penis enlargement is a weekend pleasure in the sense of a bike trip, but that there are reasons why it can be done.
The decisive factor is the patient's level of suffering and suffering cannot be specifically defined. There is no scale on which you can tell whether one suffers more than the other. And since suffering is an extremely complex emotional and psychological phenomenon, nobody can judge suffering from the outside.

However, we have set a limit for our creativity: if a patient comes to us who has a large penis - which, by the way, is an absolute rarity in reality - then we do not operate on him. There are certainly surgeons who would still operate, we are not one of them.
Treatment without suffering may be anything, but certainly not medical treatment.

On the other hand, one shouldn't make the treatment dependent on any old-fashioned and strange-looking definitions from statutory health insurance companies. Which are also technically incorrect! It is often said that surgical penis enlargement only makes medical sense with a micropenis. Yet this statement is completely wrong. Because a patient with a micropenis is not helped at all by the classic surgical penis enlargement. Because this would require a doubling of the penis size and that is exactly what, as already described above, cannot be achieved with the classic penis enlargement, i.e. the harmless manageable procedure. A real micropenis has to be an elaborate and lengthy reconstructive process, with urethral lengthening, etc.

Unfortunately, this example shows one thing: when the patient turns to his resident urologist, he is often completely left in the lurch because he is being pushed some nonsensical statements, such as the ones above. Unfortunately, this is due to the fact that surgical penis enlargements are still a bit very disreputable for many older doctors, even though the situation has improved significantly in the last 20 years. So much so that they don't even want to deal with it superficially. "

Possible risks and side effects

J. Hagen: "Like any surgical procedure, surgical penis lengthening also carries risks. This applies in particular to treatments by providers who advertise unusually low prices or unrealistic results. A reputable doctor should give the patient extensive advice in advance and explain possible risks.

The risk of a functional disorder is low with a surgical procedure because the penis base is not changed. However, complications can never be completely ruled out. Some patients are also prone to excessive scarring. In this case, the doctor may recommend wearing an aftercare stretcher for a certain period of time.

In addition, due to the severed support ligaments, the angle of inclination can change: i.e. when erect, the penis can stand up a little less or point down more than was the case before the operation. However, this has no functional impairments. Sensitivity or erectile dysfunction are very rare. "

Interview with Jörg Hagen, Medical Director of the German Center for Urology and Phalloplastic Surgery

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