Which blogging courses are best

Online courses for bloggers, is it worth it?

Online courses always promise a lot. But you should be warned against simple recipes for success that you can buy for dear money from supposed gurus or experts. Some course instructors only pass on theoretical knowledge they have learned and have not yet managed anything themselves except to sell second-hand tips. What's the matter?

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If you want to build something for yourself, want to start the adventure, then it may be difficult for you to resist the calls that you can hear beguilingly everywhere. Courses, seminars, adult education centers, camps and universities serve you - everything online, of course. And they put forward good reasons, make the thing palatable to you. You'd be pretty stupid if you didn't take the chance. If only it weren't for the cost. Because the online courses - some webinars are the exception - are not available for free.

I have a rather reserved relationship to this form of knowledge transfer. On the one hand ... online learning is great. On the other hand ... you don't need a course if you know good blogs, if you can use Wikipedia, get some good eBooks and have a knack for developing knowledge online.

The prices range on average between one and two hundred euros. Even if blogging and writing is neither an apprenticeship nor can be studied at the university, there are related offers.

You can sign up for the German-speaking Blogging University Have an exam for the Blog Doctor and pay 747 euros for it or strive for a blogger certificate from the Darmstadt Study Group for 1512 euros. To what extent this is justified in terms of price, I cannot judge. But I know that it will probably work without the organized effort.

Are online courses and seminars a good introduction to the world of blogging?

Training and online courses provide orientation. You're not alone. It's nice to be able to follow a given path. It is good if there is someone who knows what to do. To have instructions or a recipe that will help you get on track. Even if the recipe emphasizes and highlights the individuality and authenticity. It is difficult for anyone who wants to be authentic. Because in this situation you have already lost authenticity. There is no balance. It's difficult to get it back.

Yes, you could object, there are fashion and beauty bloggers on Instagram with handbags full of money. They do almost nothing, they just look good - or whatever you think they are - and stretch their bulimic luxury bodies in professional cameras.

Even if it's the online magazine Style ranking assumes that there are now more than 6,000 fashion blogs in Germany. Few can make a living from it. You were lucky. They are models. It's a tough job. A successful photo means hours of work. “As a blogger, you never have vacation or after work,” reveals fashion blogger Michèle Krüsi in an interview. Looking good is just not enough.

It's about dreams

Undoubtedly there are people who have become wealthy from the Internet or from work in it. But they didn't do it because they had the time or because they were lucky enough to book this fabulous course under a laughing sky.

Most successful people have earned their own success. And if that is your business, i.e. being successful in itself, then afterwards try to make it look easy. As if anyone could. But not everyone can do it. Not all at the same time. Not all with the same scam. It just looks like it. That's the trick.

If someone has become a big number as a travel blogger, then they describe their great life far away and show you photos of it. It stimulates images in you, arouses dreams and longings. You want that too. And it just so happens that the travel luminary has the right online course ready for you. Click here …

All you need is a few hundred dollars and a little time. He won't tell you that he had to work his ass for years and do unpleasant things. It would be like a hotel having its back photographed for the hotel brochure. The side with the garbage cans, where the work is visible. You do not do that. Because that doesn't sell.

Travel blogger Patrick Hundt now sees it critically. He writes about how blog courses screw up bloggers: “I am now annoyed by some beginners. Not because they don't know what to do and they ask a question. No, I'm annoyed because they all take the same online courses and are now proceeding according to the scheme F. "

Such an online course may be good for you. He stimulates, motivates, shows you a way. But most of the participants will never assert themselves as professional bloggers. What the heck, not everyone expects that of themselves. And you always learn. Even if it's just knowing how it doesn't work. Even completely non-commercial blogging can vastly expand your horizons. Just don't put too much hope in it.

Banalities and half-truths

Incidentally, there is a difference between whether someone brings you their own experiences or whether they are just about learned knowledge acts that the trainer has appropriated himself through courses by his own grace. Second hand knowledge. Much such advice is therefore disappointing. Much of such advice is banal. A lot of such pieces of advice bring sentences like: "You have to do keyword research, then you know what the readers want and can supply them precisely." Or: "You have to become a brand". But that's quark.

Because they are Half-truths. They are not fundamentally wrong, but the context is missing. The situation has to be the right one. What worked for one of them cannot be transferred 1: 1 to the next project - not even to your own. It always depends on the time, the circumstances and the people involved if you want to make it big as a blogger. Reputable course providers know that.

Anyone who just starts blogging has a lot to try out; brand awareness certainly doesn't have to be developed in this phase. First find your style.

All these methods of how you can make a lot of money on the Internet quickly and without having to do a lot of work are rip-offs. It doesn't work. Or if so, then only as providers themselves show by selling dreams and making promises. The web is full of these people and their methods over and over again. Of course there are people who got rich through the internet, very rich in fact. But they didn't just become one because they booked an online course.

You will simply have to work. And this work starts by reading other blogs. Or a video. After all, every course should succeed in one thing, namely to give yourself a helping of motivation. Sometimes that's enough.

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