Can mowing the lawn be fun

Lawn care: mow or let mow?

In spring the gardens are buzzing and buzzing again: the big mowing of the lawn starts again. It is essential for lawn care: Regular pruning increases plant growth and prevents moss.

There are various solutions for those who do not like to pick up the lawn mower themselves or who cannot do it during the day. In residential areas, mowing is only allowed from Monday to Saturday from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. This can be a problem for people who are very busy at work. This can be remedied, for example, by service providers who do the work, or robotic lawn mowers, which are also allowed to run at night and on Sundays, because they work quietly.

Engage service providers

When it comes to correct lawn care, it is not only because of a lack of time that one can bite one's teeth. Many people do not dare to use a lawnmower. They are physically unable to do so or are afraid of doing something wrong. These people can leave the task in the hands of a professional with a clear conscience. He often not only mows the lawn, but also cuts hedges and bushes, for example.

Robotic lawn mowers

The new robotic lawn mowers also make gardening much easier. The owner can relax and watch his "helper" at work from the terrace. After laying the boundary wire in the ground once, the device knows where it can mow. Other models are random, with built-in sensors detecting the difference between grass and other material. In addition, most robotic lawnmowers chop the grass into two to three millimeter pieces, which are available to the lawn as a valuable source of nutrients.

The time savings should not be underestimated either. Especially for large gardens that are to be mowed at least twice a week, this results in savings of up to an hour.

Annoying engine noise is a thing of the past with the battery-powered robotic lawnmowers. At around 55 decibels (depending on the model), the low-noise electrical appliances are almost 50 decibels quieter than conventional petrol engines. This means that they can also be operated at night and on Sundays.