Do you like to live in Vietnam?


Nobody really obeys traffic rules in Vietnam. There may be "right of way", "red lights", "right before left", but nobody really pays attention to them. That is why the number of road deaths in Vietnam is four times as high as in our country, with a population that is not that different. Anyone who ventures into one of the big cities as a pedestrian should be more than just careful. Above all, the motorcycles that shape the cityscape usually ride the way they like. Incidentally, the Vietnamese transport everything you can imagine on these motorcycles: from living animals to furniture and huge truck wheels. One wheel weighs more than the whole motorcycle.

Face mask desired

What looks a bit strange when you look at the people in the streets, a lot of people wear one Mouthguard. It looks a bit like a hospital or a doctor's. Because there are so many motorbikes and mopeds and the emissions are bad, many people put on face masks to better protect themselves against these toxic emissions. The mouthguard is also worn as face protection, because the Vietnamese do not want to expose themselves to the sun. Just as it is chic here to be beautifully brown, in Vietnam it is chic not to be brown. There are no self-tanners on the supermarket shelves, but skin creams with bleach.