Is there a helper for writing dissertations?

Dissertation coach

Advice, help, proofreading: a coach can do this and more for your dissertation

Editing, proofreading, formatting aids, support with statistical studies, the evaluation of expert interviews and many other qualitative research methods: these are all classic services that can also accompany your dissertation. The Unicoaching Berlin offers you much more than that. With an experienced coach at your side, your dissertation will be accompanied by a pragmatic all-round service that will support you in partnership from the preliminary work to the successful completion.

We are a network. Professionally qualified scientists have come together to support your dissertation as coaches with competence and a lot of experience: as motivators, consultants and sparring partners who can move on your topic. In addition, we cover the conflict situations that can develop in the course of a dissertation, plan the stages of your academic career together with you and give you the tools for successful presentations, networking or team management so that your doctorate is a success. This means that we can pool our competencies if it makes sense.

We mainly supervise dissertations in the areas

  • Social sciences
  • Economics
  • Historical sciences
  • Humanities
  • Cultural studies
  • Ethnology, anthropology
  • We also supervise work from other disciplines with regard to work techniques
  • We oversee both qualitative research methods and quantitative studies

There comes a point where you are an expert yourself

On the one hand, this competence is the goal of your dissertation. The deeper you dive into your topic, the smaller the number of people with whom you can discuss this topic in a technically sound manner. You will soon get to the point where you are an expert yourself. That is in the nature of the dissertation, because ultimately you will deliver a piece of work that should bring new knowledge to science. However, support will be needed along the way. You not only need feedback, but also motivational help, strategic planning, occasionally working techniques and sometimes help with conflicts.

In a non-binding information meeting with a suitable coach for your dissertation, you will first discuss which form of support you currently want to take advantage of - either in Berlin or by telephone or via Skype, if you are from Germany, Austria or Switzerland want to consult. In this conversation, we will jointly determine your needs for coaching or the wishes you have in order to advance your doctoral project. You decide in what form and to what extent you want to make use of our support.

Coaching for your dissertation is always based on your needs

You can arrange an informational meeting at any point in your doctorate - be it at the beginning of the dissertation or in the middle of the process, if you have stalled, maybe you can no longer see the forest for the trees, or for specific competencies that you need for your scientific Need development. At Unicoaching-Berlin you do not book any consulting packages or minimum hours. We would find such an offer dubious, because you cannot always estimate what support you will actually need in this complex process.

Your coach is your reliable contact - not only for big strategic questions, but also for details at any time. Because we know from experience that supposed little food can occasionally slow down work for a long time.

Do a doctorate part-time: Master the greatest challenge

Use the competence and experience of a coach for organizational questions about your dissertation, such as the possibility of receiving a scholarship, for time management or simply to get through this complex process with systematic work techniques and packages. We know the pitfalls and obstacles that doctoral students, for example, who do their PhD while working, encounter. Science coaching offers much more than just technical support. Your personal requirements are already discussed in the preliminary discussion: Will you be working full time during the dissertation? What requests did your supervisor express? Are there occasional conflicts in this regard? Is the question perhaps too big? Are there any methodological ambiguities? Or do you need a motivator that you can use to set up milestones in order to stay on track?

Delicate or helpful? Prepare well for the interview with the professor

At more or less regular intervals you will have discussions with your professors or present parts of your dissertation in a presentation. How to put yourself in a good light, how to present uncertainties in such a way that a helpful discussion develops, or perhaps how to “sell” your ideas well can be the subject of coaching that helps you avoid conflicts.

Go into the conversation confidently, remember that in the end the real expert on your topic is yourself. See your coach as a sparring partner with whom you can optimally prepare such a conversation. Take advantage of our competence and experience, play through possible questions about partial results of your research project and get in the mood for how you can deal with objections. Plan publications that should be written during the dissertation process so that your doctorate becomes what it should be: your personal life's work that you can be proud of.