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Resumption of classroom teaching

Dear students, dear parents
and dear colleagues,

We are very much looking forward to continuous and adapted face-to-face teaching for everyone at our school again from May 31, 2021, if the 7-day incidence remains stable below 100, which we assume. However, we are starting as planned with a study day due to the Abitur exams and it will start on June 1st, 2021.

Most of the lower secondary level (except in the 10th year) will continue to be taught in class, with the exception of compulsory elective and Spanish lessons.

The hours in the morning area will be covered in lower secondary level, but some reductions will have to be implemented due to organizational conditions at the school. In the upper level, lessons will continue to be given according to the timetable. Our students will receive the specific timetables towards the end of the next week from the class or level leaders via their IServ account.

A mask is compulsory (medical mask) everywhere on the school premises, in the building and in the vicinity of the school and all students test themselves here at the school twice a week. Alternatively, a certificate from a test center that is not older than 48 hours can be submitted each time. Without the appropriate free testing, no participation in the class is possible. Of course, the well-known distance and disinfection rules will also apply in the future.

We very much wish that the face-to-face lessons can hopefully take place in Duisburg until the summer vacation if the number of infections continues to be low and that we can start a more or less “normal” school year again after the vacation. We can all contribute by adhering to hygiene rules and taking responsibility for ourselves and others.

From the school side, we wish you a pleasant and relaxing Whitsun and stamina for the last weeks of school!

Elke Bergers

Headmistress GE Süd

Pictures from my world Lockdown 2.0

It ain't over 'till it's over "

What to do when there is nothing you can do Depend? To go for a walk? Learn? Watch TV?

The current situation presents us with new challenges, but there is energy in every crisis. It must be possible to use this energy, right? What shall we do with all this time? Can monotony and uneventfulness become a catalyst for creativity? Only if you look at your world again with a new perspective.

Classes 9b and 9c photographically document the places that surround them and try to discover the exciting in the boredom.

They underline their picture statement with quotes and lines of lyrics.

The atmosphere in the pictures is cool, the places seem deserted. And yet our students are in these places. Partly every day.

A connection should also be made with these images: Look what I see - what do you see?

"Maybe there are better times, but this is ours." -Sartre

You can find the complete album here:


Svenja Klein

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Re-entry into alternate classes from May 10th, 2021 (Monday)

Dear students, dear parents,

Dear Colleagues,

Fortunately, the values ​​of the 7-day incidence in Duisburg have moved continuously downwards over the past few days. Subject to the general decree of the MAGS (Ministry of Labor, Health and Social Affairs), according to a statement by the education authority, alternating lessons for the Duisburg schools will start next Monday, i.e. from May 10th, 2021. We start with the A groups of years 5 to 9 and the EF. The other years (age group 10 and Q1), who have been taking alternating lessons for a long time, will remain in the previous rhythm.

We remind you once again that regular self-tests of our students will take place under the supervision of the teachers, medical masks must be worn on the entire school premises and in the vicinity of the school and that all other hygiene measures such as maintaining a minimum distance of 1.5m, the mandatory ventilation of rooms and hand and surface disinfection are still mandatory for everyone.

The pupils can get more information from the class leaders via their IServ account. The class teachers and the department heads are also available to answer your questions.

We are very much looking forward to our local students here at the school and hope that we can now at least carry out the alternating lessons until the summer vacation without any further interruptions. We can all contribute something by adhering to the prescribed hygiene rules, taking care of ourselves and our surroundings and acting extremely responsibly.

With this in mind, I wish everyone involved a good and successful start!


Elke Bergers

Headmistress GE Süd

Lessons in the week from

04/26 until April 30th, 2021,

probably even longer!

Dear school community,

Due to the high 7-day incidence in Duisburg, which is currently increasing from day to day, today on April 23, 2021 it is 233, the schools in our city continue to teach distance learning.

Only when the incidence value has been below 165 for several days can you switch to alternate classes again. This situation is likely to continue for a while.

Exclusively the final classes (year 10, Q1 and Q2) will continue to be trained and tested here as before. Emergency care is also retained.

In addition, the first Abitur exam was written this morning and more will follow until the beginning of May. We sincerely wish our high school graduates every success in this very special and challenging exam situation!

The class management and the entire school management are available to answer any questions you may have.

All the best, especially health and stamina for the near future!

Elke Bergers

Headmistress GE Süd

Information on lessons in the week of April 19 - April 23, 2021

Dear students, dear parents, dear legal guardians and dear colleagues,

We have just learned that according to the current status in the coming week from April 19. - 23.04.2021 only the final classes, i.e. year 10, Q1 and Q2, are allowed to take part in face-to-face classes here. The emergency care for the years 5/6 is also retained. For the students of these three years, the lessons follow the same pattern as this week.

All other students (grades 5 to 9 and the EF) will continue to be trained in distance learning.

This measure is necessary because of the high incidence values ​​of over 200 in our city. Another worrying fact is that more and more adolescents and children are becoming infected and developing symptoms. With as few contacts as possible in school and in the family, as well as among friends, we can all help to prevent the number of infections from rising further.

We very much regret that we can only now pass this information on to you and you. It's very short-term and we can guess what that means for many families, but it's because we, too, have only just been informed about the decision at the political level.

As soon as there are changes or we know more about how things will proceed afterwards, you will find the information here.

From the school side, we wish everyone continued health and stamina in this challenging time.

Elke Bergers

Headmistress GE Süd

Information on school operations in the week of April 12th - April 16, 2021

Dear students, dear parents,
Dear legal guardians and
Dear Colleagues,

I hope that you / you were able to enjoy the Easter holidays a little and that the break was used to gather new strength for the remainder of the school year. We certainly all wished that school would start with more face-to-face classes after the Easter break. Unfortunately, the number of infections and the necessary test strategies do not allow schools to be opened soon. We know that this decision will again pose great challenges for many families and also for us as a school.

The following information applies to the coming week (April 12-16, 2021):

  • Distance lessons for grades 5 to 9 and for the EF.
  • Emergency care for the years 5/6 (organization via Mr. Reimers / AL I, [email protected]).
  • Alternating lessons for year 10 and Q1, starting with group B from Monday to Wednesday, from Thursday group A onwards.
  • Nine-day Abitur preparation from April 12th, 2021 according to the decree for Q2 (information on this has already been announced via Department IV).
  • Compulsory test for all students, teachers and other school staff according to the Corona Care Ordinance.
  • Students who do not take the self-test must present a certificate from an official test center that is no more than 48 hours old in order to take part in the face-to-face class. Otherwise we have to exclude these students from classroom teaching.
  • The usual hygiene rules (hand washing, keeping your distance, surface disinfection, wearing a medical mask and airing) remain unrestricted.

So much for the information for the start after the Easter holidays. As soon as there is new information about how things will proceed from April 19, 2021, we will inform you and you here as soon as possible.

Despite the adverse circumstances, I wish everyone a successful 4th quarter in the 2020/21 school year!

Greetings from the south of Duisburg and stay healthy as possible!

Elke Bergers

Headmistress GE Süd

Covid-19 self-testing of the students before the Easter holidays

Dear students, dear parents, dear legal guardians and dear colleagues,

In the next week (March 22 - March 26, 2021), according to the instructions of the ministry, all pupils in secondary schools should have the opportunity to carry out a Covid-19 self-test under supervision in the school. If you want to object to the self-test of your underage child, which I hope not, because it serves the safety of all of us, please submit this immediately in writing to the relevant department head.

It is not yet possible to say exactly on which day the tests for the individual learning groups will take place, as we do not know when the test kits will be delivered. We are in the process of preparing this test campaign and you can assume that we will carefully inform and guide our students accordingly. Of course, we also have to pay attention to the health of our colleagues and therefore direct assistance is not possible during the test.

If your child's rapid test turns out positive, it becomes a suspected Covid 19 case - the rapid antigen tests are not as accurate as the PCR tests - and we will inform you immediately so that you can pick up your child and have a PCR -Test at the doctor or in the test center. Only then is a valid diagnostic result available and the corresponding measures can be initiated.

According to the ministry, this test strategy is to be continued after the Easter break.

The department heads are available to answer any questions. From the school side, we very much hope that returning to face-to-face teaching will not lead to an increased number of infections at our school and we ask everyone involved in school life to behave accordingly carefully and responsibly for the benefit of all, because our students are currently happy as well as our teachers to be able to meet again personally in class.

Elke Bergers

Headmistress GE Süd

Just in my imagination

In distance learning, the students at GE-Süd made a virtue out of necessity. They let mobile toy figures experience adventures on behalf of themselves, which are currently not possible due to Corona.

You can now admire their imaginative results on our homepage and be inspired.


All photos can be admired in the gallery


Have fun!