What is facilities and service planning

Adding rooms and equipment for service planning (Customer Service App)

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Rooms and work equipment are resources that you use to perform services for your customers. Rooms can be physical spaces such as repair stations or meeting rooms, and work equipment can be tools or other objects. Add these resources to Dynamics 365 Customer Service to ensure optimal service to customers.


With the latest Dynamics 365 Customer Service app version, the new service scheduling is now available in the Customer Service Hub site map. We recommend that you create facilities and equipment with the new environment. More information: Adding Rooms and Tools for Service Scheduling

Add a room or work device

  1. Make sure that you have the "System Administrator" security role or the appropriate permissions in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

    Check your security role

    • Follow the steps in Viewing the User Profile.

    • Do you not have the required permissions? Please contact the Systemadministrator.

  2. Navigate to Settings > Service management.


    Go to Settings > Corporate management.

  3. Choose Rooms and tools.

  4. Click on the command bar New.

  5. Enter the required data:

    • Surname Enter the name of the room or work equipment that you want to add for scheduling services.

    • Business unit. The business unit is entered automatically in Dynamics 365 Customer Service. To select a different business unit, you can use the button search and Select, then select from the list.

    • Location. Select the location where the room or work equipment is located.


      Make sure the location and customer correspond to the same location. Resources for a specific service activity should also be in the same location.

    • Primary email address. Enter the site or equipment manager email address. If there are updates or cancellations on the schedule, rooms or work equipment, notifications will be sent to this email address.

    • Time zone. Select the appropriate time zone to determine availability for the room or work device. By default, this is set to the time zone you specified on the tab Generally of the dialog box Set personal options have selected. More information: Set personal options

    • description: Add details about the room or work equipment, such as number, size, make or model.

  6. When you have finished entering the information, select to save or Save and close exclude.

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