Why do websites restrict CBD products?

High on Life: Eight CBD beauty trends on the rise

Actually, CBD is comparable to caffeine, aspirin and castor, rapeseed and argan oils. But: comparison or not, the bottom line is that CBD, as a component of cannabis (hemp) that does not get you high, is increasingly finding its way into all possible product groups in the consumer goods segment. We at Beauty Independent have tested, injected, sprayed, creamed and taken orally all CBD formulas - of course for research purposes. As a result of our extensive research, we've focused on eight CBD topics that will set new trends in the beauty and wellness industry in the coming months.


When we talk about industrial hemp and medical cannabis, we are primarily talking about two cannabinoids: THC and CBD. The over 100 others are mentioned only in passing. But the latest research on cannabinoids is promising and could revolutionize the world of wellness products. For example, CBG is said to have antioxidant, antibacterial and antifungal properties. “CBD and THC are always decisive, and the others only have a supportive function,” explains Jessica Assaf, co-founder and chief education officer of Great. "It's not about dissecting the plant, it's about finding out how all these compounds work together and mimicking this mode of action outside the plant in products." Clever CBD brands like Soul Addict are considering how best to position themselves, to draw attention to the cannabinoids and their complexity. “We are actually considering changing the name to a cannabinoid company; that is, we don't want to just talk about ourselves as CBD companies, ”says Laura White, founder of Soul addict. “In a broad spectrum product, so many cannabinoids work together to create exactly that one effect that we need. If we are not talking about all cannabinoids in their entirety, but only about CBD, we are simply leaving aside everything that deals with the effect on our body. I think the industry will develop in exactly that direction over the next year. "


In a sense, THC is already “socially acceptable”. The notorious cannabinoid is known for its other excellent properties in addition to its psychoactive effects. "For certain people, THC actually has a pain-relieving effect," said Assaf. “We have been focusing on just this one particular effect of THC for a long time, completely forgetting that with certain problems it is the cannabinoid that is most effective. It can be equated with a drug whose overall effect is reduced due to one of its side effects to the mode of action of this very side effect, i.e. if a drug makes you sleepy, you call it a sleeping pill - but the real benefit lies beyond this side effect. ” Pharmacies carry beauty and wellness products enriched with THC Quim Rock, Papa & Barkley and Whoopi & Maya, which could be attractive to those consumers of beauty products with cannabis who have already had their first experiences with CBD products.

3. EVIDENCE must be provided

The range of services of CBD is extraordinarily diverse in terms of the composition of the ingredients and the results. To stand out from their weaker competitors, self-contained CBD suppliers will significantly raise the level of their controls. Similar to modern skin care, clinical studies by independent research partners are increasingly being carried out in the area of ​​CBD beauty. Grace Saari, co-founder of Svn space and Head of the Marketing and E-Commerce Department, says: "Even if fantastic results can be expected in this area, we can only refer to the experience reports provided and the few studies that have been carried out until we have carried out clinical studies and tests ourselves. which substantiate these statements. "


In the wellness and beauty sector, CBD products are used more and more often to relieve pain and anxiety and for skin care, but the brands only offer a certain selection of items and thus limit the possible range of services of CBD. Saint Jane Beauty launched CBD lip gloss and Necessary Luxury re-launched a CBD aromatherapy spray. Shauna Blanch, COO and co-founder of Color Up Therapeutics, predicts a major advance in make-up for CBD. She says, “This year we're going to be bringing out CBD-based makeup products on a massive scale that will revolutionize the market. I'm thinking of foundation and blush for all-day care through to mascara, eyebrow pencils and gels. " Products for treating acne and promoting hair growth could also lead to promising results using CBD. Anthony Saniger, founder of Standard Dose, rates the Overnight Exfoliating Mask from the Hora brand as an excellent treatment for acne, and he is looking for other acne preparations to round off the online company's skin care range. Dawn Blackstone, marketing director for the hemp hair care brand Earthly Body, explains that CBD is perfect for hair and scalp care. She says: "CBD contains all 21 amino acids and countless vitamins and can actually help to rebuild hair structure and fight hair loss."

5. the target groups are growing

The millennials are the big champions of CBD. They may disagree, but CBD isn't just for them. Above all, because you can treat serious complaints with CBD beauty and wellness products, and so the products are also suitable for other target groups or older people. The care series 707 flora for demanding skin is aimed at older consumers of Generation X and Y, and CEO and founder Joan Sutton is convinced that the possibilities for CBD are much greater. She says, "My parents live in a retirement home in Daly City, and the seniors there all swear by CBD." With the growing range of CBD products in shopping malls and stores, the active ingredient is becoming increasingly popular in cities and towns across the country. The number of consumers who buy hemp care products is increasing, and CBD suppliers are reaching consumer groups who were previously unfamiliar with CBD or who were unsure of how to use it.


6. INDIES ON THE ROSE while the big players SLUMP (BUT NOT LONGER)

The big beauty companies are slowly waking up, but they don't really dare to use cannabis yet. Hello, Calm, the face mask made from hemp seed oil without CBD by Estee Lauders brand Origins is a case in point of their reluctant steps. Large companies are at high risk. What if the payment processor declines to do business with hemp and refuses to process payments for their entire business? What if the government of a major overseas country denounces a large company for being related to marijuana, however minimal that connection may be? No doubt the consumer goods giants will develop strategies on how to get involved in the CBD business, be it through incubation, acquisition, smaller investments or joint ventures. While they are still waiting, startups are already fighting for the best CBD market positions. “This is very evident in how independent CBD brands like VerVefy are doing something while the bigger companies like L’Oréal are still waiting. But the still hesitant players will not hold out long, and when they are finally ready, we will see how much money the big ones in the beauty market will invest in CBD cosmetics, ”says Cheyana Van Dender, co-founder of CBD Skincare -Brand VerVefy. "Right now it's the smaller brands, often founded by women, that are shaking up the market."


In professional circles, spas and salons love CBD products. They are increasingly used in facial and manicure treatments. Dermatological practices and medical spas are other important platforms for the distribution of CBD. The ingredient offers benefits that can be used for aftercare. Blanch says: "Whether microblading and microneedling, waxing, lip injections, fillers and botox: CBD is a powerful player and has a decisive influence on regeneration."


According to New Frontier Data China rules over a third of the global hemp market, and CBD oil is diligently flowing into the United States from large Asian corporations. Verdant is a CBD specialist bottling 100% hemp extract grown in the USA. The company warns customers about CBD products made in China as they may contain heavy metals, cheap carrier oils, and high levels of THC. With the spread of information about Chinese CBD stocks, consumers are increasingly asking about the origin of CBD. The CBD beauty startup company Flora + bast sources CBD from local farms to ensure that, on the one hand, only premium CBD is used for its own products and, on the other hand, smaller businesses are supported. President Derek Chase says: "We want to serve the common good and, for example, maintain or bring back family businesses that are at stake by working with us."