Have you committed yourself

Translation of "you have committed" in English

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We know why you have committed yourself.
They were still children when you have committed yourself.
After this you have committed yourself, it takes 14 to 82 weeks.
Well after you sign up, it would be anywhere between 1 4 weeks to 82 weeks.
There you have committed yourselfto fast and pray for me, i will come.
As you have committed yourselfto stand by my side?
You can't choose what for you have committed yourself.
Is that a role that You have committed yourself?
If you have completed that, then "the world is open to you", whereby You have committed yourself to exercise - as a Green Man or Wise Woman - by SS / HS / CS and ÖS for the benefit of everything and everything, by the way, everything on the basis of voluntary donations.
Once you have concluded this the world is open to you, you having committed to practice as Green Man or Wise Woman SS / HS / CS and ES for the benefit of everybody and everything, all this on the basis of voluntary donations.
The cord is a symbol of the vow through which you have committed yourselfto serve our cause, Sister Claire.
That string symbolizes your oath to serve our cause, Sister Claire.

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I pray every day that you never forget what for You .... yourself in Issa's name have committed.
If he asks about me tell him you has never seen me before You .... yourself here have committed.
I mean, you're really good with kids but that's because you never grew up and because You .... yourself Not have committed against someone or something.
I mean, you are really good at working with kids, but it's because you don't want to grow up and you don't want to be committed to anybody or anything.
You have committed yourself and me too, so let's go.
You committed yourselfto do something wrong and when a man to something Committed is
It is not possible at this moment to enumerate all the good, great and noble deeds with which you have done this fund and us students have committed.
At this moment, it is not possible to enumerate all good, great and noble deeds you did for this Fund and for us students; we are not even aware of their extent.
You are completely free. You can get out of this economic system at any time has However, you got involved earlier in your life than you did more and more financially have committed.
You are completely free. You can opt out of this system of economics at any time; you however, have bought into it earlier in your life as you became more and more financially obligated.
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