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Expert course "Lasers in dentistry"

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The development of dental laser systems has made interesting advances in therapy and diagnostics for resident dentists in recent years. The possible uses are no longer limited to soft tissue surgery, but also include hard tissue processing and caries detection.

Through the competent use of the laser, treatment results can be optimized and patient satisfaction increased. For the use of the laser by the dentist, in § 2 (2) Medical Device Operator Ordinance, proof of the relevant expertise in the operation of a laser device (active medical device) is required. According to the accident prevention regulation BGV B2 "Laser Radiation" (formerly VBG 93) or OStrV, a laser safety officer must be appointed to operate laser devices in the treatment rooms. The company-independent course "Lasers in Dentistry" at the LMTB provides the necessary expertise to use lasers and qualifies as a "laser safety officer". It is aimed both at the interested dentist who would like to get an overview of the use of lasers in dentistry and medicine, as well as at those who already have a laser. The colleague standing before a purchase decision receives the basis to be able to evaluate the manufacturer's information and to find the right laser type for the individual practice concept.

Since Laser- und Medizin-Technologie GmbH is an interdisciplinary research and training facility, the course participants are looked after by recognized specialists in medical lasers: Laser physicists are responsible for teaching the basic principles of physics and laser technology, safety experts for safety training and dentists with experience in research and practice training in tissue effects and practical application.

Course content:

In the theoretical part, the subject areas

  • Laser physics
  • Physical and technical basics of laser devices, measuring devices and light guide systems
  • Laser safety in medical applications
  • Characteristic tissue effects of the various laser systems
  • Clinical application examples
  • Billing technology

with the help of lectures by experienced employees and the use of modern media in a form that is easily accessible to the course participants. As course material, the participants receive a German-language manual with additional texts.

In the practical part, the focus is on getting to know various laser systems that are typical for dentistry, their operation and their effect on hard and soft tissue. This takes place in the form of "hands-on training" to demonstrate the characteristic tissue effects. The fields of application typical for the dentist, such as cavity preparation, caries removal, use of different laser systems in endodontics and periodontology, as well as dental surgery, are demonstrated at the workstations and extensively tested by the participants on tooth, jaw and tissue preparations.

The event complies with the principles and recommendations of the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Dentists (KZBV) of September 23, 2005, including the point evaluation recommendation of the BZÄK and DGZMK advanced training advisory board. There is a written learning success control of the safety-relevant course content. 13 training points are awarded for successful participation. Participation is confirmed by the “Laser Safety Officer” certificate.

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