Can I run Google Stadia?

Cloud Gaming: Google Stadia on an iPad Pro in a short test

As reported, it is now possible to use Google's game streaming solution Stadia with iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads. However, this does not work via the app, which is available for download for selected Android devices in the Google Play Store, but via the Safari browser.

We tried Stadia with an iPad Pro 12.9 (2020) in a short test. You can read our experiences in the following report.

Google Stadia with iPad: How to turn it into a shoe

In order to get Google Stadia up and running, the corresponding website must be opened via the Safari browser. Then Google recommends creating a shortcut on the home screen of the iOS device. Now all you have to do is enter your Google login details. These are the same ones that are required to set up the Google account for the use of an Android smartphone. The Google Stadia account is linked to an existing Google account. Pictured: "Submerged: Hidden Depths"
Image: In the test case, we used the Google data for the first time to set up a Stadia link. Google granted us free access to Stadia Pro for a period of 30 minutes. We used it to gain initial experience. And they are positive. We played the two games "Hitman 2" and "Sumberged: Hidden Depths". At least in the short period of time, the gaming experience turned out to be fluid, and we didn't notice any really annoying stuttering. The commands - especially the movements of the characters - that we gave with the controller were carried out simultaneously.

Set the resolution on the iPad

A resolution of up to 1080p was preset, which, according to Google, can amount to a data usage of up to 12.6 GB per hour. The resolution can be manually regulated down to 720p, which should correspond to a data usage of up to 4.5 GB per hour. The 4K Pro resolution was not available on the iPad Pro 12.9 (2020) because the resolution of the iPad at 2048 by 2732 pixels is too low. Requirements for the higher resolution are either a corresponding TV set or a Windows PC or Chromebook on which VP9 hardware decoding is supported, as well as a 4K monitor. Pictured: "Hitman 2"
Image: We played with a DualShock 4 gamepad or PS4 controller. In the menu bar of the Google Stadia interface in the Safari browser, an icon indicates the possibility of connecting a controller. "Stadia Controllers", "Playstation Controllers" and Xbox Controllers will appear there. Under "Miscellaneous" there is a note that other controllers may also work under certain circumstances.

In the settings menu of iPadOS 14.3 we have connected the PS4 controller to the iPad via Bluetooth. In order for this to work, the "Share" button and the "PS" button on the controller must be pressed at the same time. That worked fine, and then we were able to use the control buttons on the controller to execute commands in the Stadia user interface. This is also possible via touch input on the iPad's display.

After the trial period it costs

The short trial period is of course over quickly. However, it is possible to extend it to one month after it has expired. To do this, Google requires that a payment method be added. After the end of the trial month, costs of 9.99 euros per month are due. This price includes, among other things, games available monthly at no extra charge and pro offers and discounts.

If you don't want that, you can go straight to the store and buy games. There you can also find titles like "Cyberpunk 2077" (59.99 euros) and "Assassin's Creed Valhalla" (69.99 euros), which are currently very popular in the gaming scene.

Notes from Google

After linking the Google account with Stadia, we received a welcome email in which Google discussed tips. It is recommended that the device is located close to the wireless router so that the signal is not disturbed as far as possible and that the router's 5 GHz frequency range is set instead of 2.4 GHz, if possible. Music or video streams on the same WLAN should be avoided while playing if possible.

By the way, Google conveniently offers a speed test for the Internet speed. At least 10 Mbit / s is recommended, for 4K streaming, for example via a television, it is at least 35 Mbit / s.

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