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Dictation machine test - so thoughts are never lost again - comparison of the best dictation machines 2021

What is a voice recorder?

A voice recorder is a practical, small and handy model that enables direct voice recording at work and in everyday life at the push of a button or via automatic activation voice recognition allowed. In addition to language and voice, it can also record other things and thus allows a wide variety of applications. The voice recorder is clearly similar to the more modern smartphones in terms of tone and sound quality Voice recorder function superior, also offers more settings and adjustments to the respective recording situation.

Voice recorders are very special to the high Sound quality hin designed what is worthwhile in seminars, readings, conferences, but also for recording thoughts, notes, music and in evidence situations. In addition, they have extensive functions and allow the tasks of formulating and recording at a high level. There are analog and digital devices, as well as mono and Stereo devices. The latter are determined by the number of channels, with mono recording on one channel and stereo recording on two channels.

The modern one voice recorder is usually small and handy, can Noise and ambient noise suppress, is provided with a display and also allows the recording of several voice memos and the creation of folders. It is used for mobile recording and is particularly efficient in hectic moments when important information is to be recorded. Also as a reminder or for that Dictate The modern dictation machine is ideal for business letters.

The digital model delivers several in the test Recording formats, some of which are also better compressed to enable transmission and fast sending by e-mail.

A format that requires a license is the DSS format, which is best compressed. Other formats are the usual ones Wave and MP3 files.

The voice recorder In addition to its compact design, it also offers excellent ergonomics, especially when the models have to be used frequently and quickly. Instead of larger buttons, there are also Slide switch built in, which can be reached particularly quickly and allow rapid recording or pause and stop at any time. This includes a broad one Range of functions, to adapt the recording, to be able to recognize and sort it automatically, to make index marks and the like.

Langogo Minutes voice translator and dictation machine put to the test - after you have set up the two languages ​​to be translated together, it automatically recognizes the spoken language and immediately translates it into the target language

Diagram showing the price-performance ratio of dictation machines

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How does a dictation machine work?

Voice recorders remain a frequent purchase despite modern smartphones and apps and are used in both private and commercial areas. The digital Voice recorders are more advantageous in the test than analog models, allow easy dictation and recording, recording in small and large Premises, the fast transfer of the language files, the creation of folders and storage of a great many Voice recordings, the easy handling and the sorting of the data according to calendar date.

To the Data volume Flash memory is built into the dictation machine to reduce the volume and to be able to store the voice memos better. These are digital memory modules which, in the test, allow storage with very low energy consumption. To do this, own Voice recorders often a slot for inserting memory cards, whereby the Data transfer is easier. The whole thing is also possible via a USB cable. The enterprise "Sony" has released a device with a MiniDisc as a storage medium, which was only manufactured and marketed by this company, but which was not very successful.

Zoom H4nPro digital multitrack recorder tested - high quality stereo or four-channel recordings with up to 24-bit / 96kHz

In contrast, offer modern Voice recorders various Compression method, to facilitate the further processing of the data, the sending and also the capacity on memory cards. Audio codecs or manufacturer-dependent processes such as DSS and DSS Pro are used. The purchase of higher quality models is also worthwhile because the capacity of storage is critical. The better the Sound quality is, the larger the file and it takes up more space and energy consumption. The device should not be overwhelmed by this. Settings can be selected to improve and adapt the Recording situation.

Mostly it is a function to suppress ambient noise and to reduce interference, to modes for dictation, seminar, conference, reading, voice and music recording. For this purpose, many manufacturers offer the corresponding software to transfer the data to the PC, to process it or to save it. Just very cheap Entry-level models do not have a corresponding interface. In turn, all devices can record and save the data, so that direct listening to the recording is also possible.

Langogo Minutes voice translator and dictation machine put to the test - after connecting to a Wi-Fi hotspot, the device is immediately ready for use

Analog dictation machines

Analog dictation machines have largely been pushed out of the market to this day, because digital devices simply have more to offer in terms of functionality and efficiency. But who is still in possession of Cassettes is, he will certainly still use a dictation machine.

This is how analog devices like that work classic cassette recorder. Linguistic information is entered here and stored on the cassette. The latter can either be the known cassettes or special ones Mini or micro cassettes.

The problem with this is, on the one hand, the fact that the Storage capacity here only very limited is and that with many media it is not even possible to record on both sides. For longer recordings - regardless of the form - it is therefore necessary to either turn the cassette over (if possible) or insert a new one. This in turn means that the user, for example when recording detailed interviews, reports, etc., always has a “Full battery” on cassettes would have to have with him if he wants to save the entire scope on it.

Philips DPM6000 digital dictation machine put to the test - two microphones provide excellent sound quality for your dictations

Digital dictation machines

Digital devices are not suitable for the use of conventional cassettes, but they are all the more more efficient and functional.

When a recording - of whatever type - is made, the digital dictation machine can rewind it if necessary and certain, selected areas with a new one Transfer recording. This would not be possible with an analog device, but with the digital version it is very easy, without having to overwrite or even destroy the previous recording. In this respect, the voice recorder differs significantly from the digital dictation machine, because here recordings are irrevocably lostif they are re-dubbed after discussing them.

Langogo Minutes voice translator and dictation machine put to the test - overcomes the language barrier for your business negotiations with your trading partners all over the world

Advantages & areas of application of dictation machines

By carrying a Voice recorder a very fast and mobile reaction to situations is guaranteed. A recording can be helpful in many areas, not only as a burden of proof, but also for recording spontaneous thoughts or for a spontaneous interview with one or more people. If a consideration is extensive, it is usually cumbersome to write it down, while the voice recorder is quickly at hand and can be discussed.

It serves as a phonetic diary as well as for storing smaller details, e.g. B. as a shopping list or the notification another. In addition to voice notes, music compositions can also be recorded in order to be able to listen to them on site. In the area of ​​the press and journalism ‘it stays that way voice recorder an important companion, enables interviews and the recording of conferences, which is very advantageous in the hectic pace of business and avoids forgetting important details.

Flexibility and efficiency

In view of an upcoming speech - regardless of whether in a business or private setting - dictation machines are also an option, the content of the Practice speechto study it and beyond that too to "hone" the sound of the voice. It is easy to rewind the information at will, for example Repairs or additions to maintain. The special thing is that the original recordings can be revised as required without being lost or impaired in their quality.

pupils and students are also well advised to convince yourself of the advantages that a dictation machine has to offer. If you don't have the time or the opportunity to diligently write down the subject matter, you can during lectures or in class just put the dictation machine “on” and relax and focus your attention on other things in the lecture room or classroom.

Philips DPM6000 digital dictation machine put to the test - first-class recording quality with excellent ergonomics

Dictation machines for voice recording and for taking notes

Not only commercial people use Voice recorder. In the test, everyday use at home is also one of the classic Possible uses, around notes to hold onto, not to forget thoughts and to be able to save information. Simplification through voice and recording has not only proven itself with dictation machines, but is also used more and more on the Internet and with smartphones and similar mobile devices. Very few people are able to type quickly. It is easier for everyone to speak and record quickly Thoughts. The reliable one storage allows many situations to be recorded.

In the private sector z. B. Parents are very grateful if a funny remark by the child can be recorded directly on tape. Digital devices make this process even easier.

Similarly, a voice recorder in the test for learning one foreign language or to be able to practice and listen to what actors or people who have to give more lectures like to use. The practice of speaking improves your own presence considerably. In addition, everyone knows that your own voice sounds completely different on tape than how it is felt for you. By using a Voice recorder can use your own thoughts and Speaking exercises be given free rein. Is the recording if it has failed, it can be overwritten or deleted entirely without any effort.

Dictation machines for lectures and seminars

Students use Voice recorders gladly to record important seminars or excerpts from the lecture or to record your own thoughts in between. Taking notes with a lecture is a possibility, but remains tedious and with increasing time also by decreasing concentration more difficult. There are also other disruptive factors, noises and interruptions.

Here too is a voice recorder It is necessary to be able to suppress ambient noise and to make remote recordings so that the speaker can be easily understood in the test even from a greater distance. There are Dictation machines, which allow a distance of up to 10 meters without losing information or sound quality. Recording a conversation is a similar one Challenge, in which several people participate. A bad Sound quality can have the effect that the statements in the test can no longer be understood well and clearly, especially when the environment is hectic and louder.

Zoom H4nPro digital multitrack recorder put to the test - further developed X / Y stereo microphone that can process up to 140 dB

Dictation machines for songs and music recordings

For creative use, e.g. B. recording new Musical compositions and songs or the recording at a concert are of higher quality Voice recorders that offer excellent sound quality and good data compression. Dictation machines with an uncompressed recording allow. In the age of YouTube and other platforms, a test tape can be created or experimental work can be implemented, whereby the data can then be post-processed on the PC.

Here should Hissing noises and the like noise can be completely suppressed to allow the clear recording. Pieces of music in particular lose their listening pleasure if the recording is of poor quality. Models with a sampling rate of at least 44.1 KHz and a resolution of 16 bits are good. In the test, this is roughly comparable to CD quality.

Dictation machines for dictation

In the office is the use of one Voice recorder almost classic. Minutes, business letters, documents and papers are edited by employees by copying them from the record previously dictated by the manager. Also the right one Dictate is an art in the test and comparison and requires calm, selected intonation and slow and clear speaking. Business correspondence can be sent to voice recorder can be greatly simplified in the test, whereby direct contact with the executing employee is not even necessary and so much time can be saved. Telephone calls can also be made with a voice recorder be recorded.

Philips DPM6000 digital dictation machine under test - with the priority function, urgent dictations can be given priority

Which dictation machines are available in stores?

Analog voice recorder

The analog voice recorder is gradually being displaced by digital devices, offers a very narrow range of functions and is occupied by a cassette on which the recording is stored on magnetic tape with a capacity of up to 1 hour. Even if it is Miniature cassettes is, the effort is greater, the durability of the magnetic tape is worse, the operation is cumbersome and the recording is severely limited. It can be rewound, played back or recorded. Some models offer the connection of an external Microphones, can also be operated with a foot switch and headphones.

In order to listen to the tape, it is necessary to rewind. It is difficult to find a specific point or to play the tape more frequently. In addition, magnetic tapes in the test and comparison are more susceptible and can be damaged more easily.

Zoom H4nPro digital multitrack recorder in the test - 3 different recording modes: stereo, 4-channel, MTR

Digital voice recorder

Digital ones are clearly on the rise Dictation machines, which are not only small and handy, offer a large memory and a choice of several recording modes and formats, but also that Replay of recordings, even the subsequent insertion of new ones Voice memos allow. They have a flash memory, do not have to be occupied with a micro-cassette and are also better designed in terms of sound quality.

Digital Voice recorders in the test offer interfaces for the transfer of data to the PC and for memory expansion. They allow a considerably longer recording time and running time of the battery, and can sometimes even over voice recognition controlled and all the easier to operate. Further processing of the data is uncomplicated, usually by transferring Memory card and USB cable, also through software offered by the manufacturer. You can also use digital models Background noise suppress and allow recording from a distance. You can choose from several recording modes, including high Sound quality and short running times or with poor sound quality and long running times.

Voice recorder

The Audio or voice recorder is a larger model that allows interference-free recording, whereby the voice or recording source can also be further away. There must be a Voice recorder not specially held to the mouth, is more compact in design, but is usually set up on a table or used on a tripod. The stationary use offers a trouble-free recording. The microphone is mostly designed to be directional, but also more sensitive, whereby this area can be adequately regulated. The models do not allow rewinding or in the test Revise the voice memos and data, but bring a high sound quality.

Langogo Minutes voice translator and dictation machine in the test - scope of delivery: 1x Langogo minutes; 1x USB-C cable; 1x lanyard; 1x instruction manual

Dictation machines are tested according to these criteria:

The wide range of Dictation machines, which are in strong competition with apps and smartphone applications, makes it more difficult Significant overview of which device is better suited for which purpose. To this end, the technology is constantly being developed, which is why the Range of functions the device grows. Always newer Models come onto the market and have to be tested accordingly and compared in terms of their positive properties.

A test also includes critical or incorrect application disadvantages. Devices from different manufacturers are compared to each other, at the same time in terms of structure, functions, microphone and Recording modes checked. These criteria play a decisive role for the evaluation in the test:

Philips DPM6000 digital dictation machine tested - has a high-resolution color display

Design, workmanship and display

Voice recorders Above all, they should be small, compact, less susceptible and heavy, but still handy. This is supported by good ergonomics, high quality and well thought-out Control panel, buttons and slide switch, which can be reached quickly and a display for showing important details. In the test and comparison, value is also placed on the good workmanship and feel of the devices. That means that voice recorder should be made of high-quality materials that are scratch-resistant, easy to care for and cleanly installed. Edges and corners should be rounded, and the dictation machine should also be narrower on the sides. Test reports then also revolve around the suitable arrangement of the controls and Connections, microphones and speakers.

Langogo Minutes voice translator and dictation machine put to the test - battery capacity: 1510 mAh; maximum working hours: 10 hours (screen off)

Storage capacity and battery

Especially high quality Sound recordings require a large amount of memory, so dictation machines should be equipped with a memory card slot on the one hand, and also have a long running time on the other Batteries must bring along in order to be able to use the model frequently and for a long time in the test.

Most models offer internal Storage between 4 to 8 GB, can be expanded in the storage space via external memory cards, which is then possible up to 32 GB. The recording time plays a decisive role in the test and can be between 120 and 1300 hours. Offering to that Smartphone apps usually only a duration of 10 hours.

Zoom H4nPro digital multitrack recorder in the test - variable playback speed from 50% to 150% with pitch correction

Ease of use and functions