Am I 3d or 4d

3D, 4D & 5D The dimensions and their differences:


1 3D, 4D & 5D The dimensions and their differences: As we move through the processes of spiritual awakening, sooner or later we are confronted with the fact that there are more dimensions than the one reality in which we live and which we know so well. We start to question our lives and everything that used to be true to us suddenly starts to fall apart. We are no longer so sure whether we actually live in a reality or whether it is ultimately not real at all. The energies of the higher dimensions are calling us. We begin to resonate with them and continue our search for who we really are. We acquire knowledge of universal energies and different frequencies and what the ascension really means: An energetic shift from 3D to 5D by increasing our frequencies to a much higher level and converting the low frequencies of fear into unconditional love to the point where where there is no longer any fear. We find a lot of information and learn a lot about ourselves, the universe and humanity. One of the questions that we often ask ourselves is about the differences between the dimensions. To better understand the different dimensions and how they feel, let's take a look at each one in detail. The third dimension The material world of fear Because we live in a material world and I am a material girl. Madonna portrays the third dimension quite perfectly in her song. She describes how she only wants to date guys who have money to her buying things and how she fears losing her money once she gets into that state of possession. The third dimension revolves entirely around the material, the accumulation of material things and living in fear of losing it again. We fear losing control. We fear that we are not sure and that we are not good enough. We don't trust people because they could take our wealth away from us. That is why we try to gain power over others in order to be in a stronger position. We define ourselves on this level by what we own and what kind of life we ‚Äč‚Äčlive. We believe we are separate from God and from everyone and everything. As long as we are not one with the source, we cannot experience the oneness with all that is. We believe that death is something painful, dark and the end. We believe that we live a single life and that is all. We believe this world is a place of want. That is why we think that we must fight hard for our well-being because there is not enough for everyone. We think life should be a competition with winners and losers. We think it's okay to lie because everyone within this game is doing it. We are convinced that we must be right. We believe in certain roles for men and women. Men are the strong breadwinners and fighters, women are the weak domestic carers. While this has changed with the rise of the feminine in recent decades, the true nature of the masculine and feminine has not yet been fully understood. When it comes to relationships and sex, we believe that we cannot be entirely without another person.

2 We believe that we need someone who makes us happy and whole. We only experience joy in very rare cases. In situations of breathtaking beauty, be it in nature or during a sexual orgasm. These are the rare moments that bring us into the NOW. The only place where the ego doesn't exist. We're so used to the ego that we don't even wonder if it's normal for all of our time to be in the past or in the future. The ego says: At some point everything will fall into place, I will find peace. The Spirit says: Find peace and everything will fall into place. The ego plays that should have could have would have had game in the past or jump into the future to prepare all possibilities for the Let's Create Scenarios game. We don't see that the only true place we can be is in the NOW. People in the third dimension crave physical sex so much because it is the only way for them to experience the merging of masculine and feminine energies in perfect balance. That is the cause of this desire. In the third dimension, we don't understand that this is where the need for a partner comes from. We don't understand that we can create this wholeness for ourselves. But: We not only can, we have to master it in order to enter the higher dimensions. We cannot imagine that sexual desires can change from being necessary to being shared. In the third dimension, we never learned to love ourselves. On the contrary, we have been taught to believe that this is selfish. The opposite is the case. Not loving yourself is selfish thinking and is what keeps us from being whole and keeps the void in us alive. Energetically the third dimension is a place of very low vibration and reinforces the illusion of separation, duality and free will. Our higher selves are not integrated into the physical body because they cannot handle the density and the low frequency. It is connected to us through our spiritual body, but when our chakras are blocked it can barely get through to us. This creates the belief that we are separate from God. In 3D, we actually think that our life is based on chance and that there is no purpose as we are unaware of our true identity to be a spiritual being in a physical body suffering from amnesia. When we incarnate in the third dimension, we forget who we really are and are endowed with an ego-mind that only serves that one incarnation. He cannot remember any of our previous lives because he was not with us there. Only our cellular structure and DNA carry memories from our family lineage, and our soul / higher selves know about our own past life experiences. As long as the ego mind is in the lead and our heart is closed, the connection to our soul is blocked most of the time. Communication with our higher selves and the higher realms can only be felt, not understood by the rational mind.

3 The ego-mind is unable to process this amount of energy. As long as we are cut off we cannot feel the truth, we believe that our ego mind must be in the lead because it is so incredibly clever. And yes, it actually is at keeping us away from our true selves and continuing to maintain the illusions. Every time our intuition penetrates and expresses our truth, the ego mind screams: Prove it! So we turn down again because we can't prove what we're feeling. We keep running around blinded trying to figure out how life works and what we are actually doing. We believe that the answers to our search for happiness can be found outside, outside of us. We adapt to the game and accept the 3D illusions as our reality because everyone does. We suppress all the questions about our purpose, our true origins, and our talents and gifts. We would have to be wrong in asking these questions, because everyone else lives by the same rules. If we were to speak out our doubts and our true desires out loud, we would only be seen as crazy and unrealistic dreamers. So we just continue to get stuck in the system without realizing that we have been enslaved as our ego minds have been programmed with all sorts of false beliefs. We don't see that the whole system is a fake matrix based on fear. As long as people are in fear, you can keep them under control and make money from them. Lot of money. Insurance, pharmaceuticals, and fashion are just a few examples of how much money is made from our fears. And we have to earn more and more money to be able to compensate for these fears. We think we need to improve our status. Again and again to be good enough and deserve respect. We don't even know how much the material world, our possessions, controls us and keeps us dependent. We must protect what we have achieved and create more to prepare for bad times. The illusion of duality in the third dimension enables us to experience light and darkness, good and bad, joy and despair, better and worse. We have a choice of acting as saints or demons. In fact, that's the only choice we have: love or fear. The illusion of duality in the third dimension enables us to experience light and darkness, good and bad, joy and despair, better and worse. We have a choice of acting as saints or demons. That's actually the only choice we have at this level: love or fear. Light or dark. Free will allows us to do that. As long as we choose fear, we repeat our experiences and all the patterns until we learn to choose love.

4 That's the beauty of the third dimension. As soon as we learn to choose love permanently, we come to enlightenment, as our vibrational frequency increases significantly. In this way we overcome the limits of the ego mind. We learn to let our heart and soul take the lead by transforming our ego into a free spirit. We learn how the universal energies work and how we can create our reality. We understand that the whole time we had the steering wheel right in front of us. We just didn't notice it. We learn that there are no victims or perpetrators. They are just teachers who help us grow. We don't have to wait to die to get into the light. We can do this while dwelling in a human body. The fourth dimension The magical dream world The fourth dimension is the dream world. It is also called the astral plane. It is a dimension that is less dense and much more fluid than the third dimension, but still harbors the illusion of duality, and the egos can also exist here. It is the dimension of time. Think of it as a stream of energy that contains all of the happenings in a specific timeline. We normally visit this plain naturally during the night. Everything is possible here in our dream states. A mouse can be transformed into a lion, we can fly or breathe underwater, we can be in many places at once and have conversations with the strangest creatures. (We can travel into the past and into the future.) Experienced astral travelers are able to visit this plane during the day. This can become so real that they actually experience out-of-body adventures or intense sexual encounters. This is the plane that shamans and ancient civilizations traveled to to find out more and connect with the spiritual realms. These trips gave them access to the underworld and the upper world. Many of them used drugs and special trance ceremonies to get there. Depending on the energetic vibration of a person, the journeys into the astral plane can be a very loving and exciting or a very frightening and terrifying experience. Spiritual drugs will never take us beyond the fourth dimension. Nevertheless, traveling into the astral plane can be very instructive in order to learn more about ourselves, about our goal and also about our fears, because here we can come into close contact with our higher self. Regardless of how far we travel in this dimension, we always stay in that particular timeline. At this level it is also possible to connect to the collective consciousness and learn more from there. The astral realm is a place where light and darkness easily conflict.

5 Dark magic has its place here, dream hikers, for example, can easily influence us on this level if we are still full of fear and have not yet learned to set healthy energetic limits, thus being able to create our own light and it to be worn in such a way that it simply absorbs the darkness. Most people do not consciously remember their astral experiences, which makes it much more difficult to recognize energetic manipulations. The fourth dimension connects darkness and light. At this level we can only protect ourselves by applying the energetic universal laws, as there are no human laws or regulations to control. The fourth dimension connects darkness and light. At this level we can only protect ourselves by applying the energetic universal laws, as there are no human laws or regulations to control. Note: People of higher frequency mostly do not experience the astral plane consciously. This is why they often feel alone or think they are envisioning their awakening and ascension because they are not experiencing all of those crazy experiences that others are so excited about. The body frequency of those people is already higher than the frequency of the fourth dimension from birth. Higher frequency people often experience inexplicable fatigue throughout their 3D existence because the difference between the dense 3D frequencies and the much brighter 5D frequencies causes permanent friction and the body has difficulty dealing with it. They go through 3D programming just like everyone else, although often they have a much stronger feeling that what is happening here is not right. They ask questions and often sabotage the system. Numerous higher frequency people look back on alcohol and drug careers because they are unable to handle this density well and they deny their spiritual gifts and talents. They just want to be normal and fit in the earlier stages of their life. The problem: drugs and alcohol are much lower than your body rate and cause permanent anxiety and depression. The higher frequency people do not experience nightmares. They can have panic attacks and thought spirals before they sleep or when they are half awake, but their dreams, if they even remember them, take place in 5D and above. These dreams cannot contain fear or darkness because these are the levels of unconditional love. They experience their ascension differently, in a much more subtle, heartfelt way. Once their awakening is initiated and they open up to their spirituality, the process usually happens faster than the average, and they clean up the 3D programming fairly quickly as their system wants to return to its natural frequencies as soon as possible. They are usually highly conscious, which means they suddenly know all sorts of things without knowing why. You have access to other timelines and dimensions. Usually this happens unconsciously. They are just gone for a few minutes and feel cold and confused after such an experience. It's no better or worse to be high-frequency. The experiences are just different.) The Fifth Dimension The Plane of Light Of the higher dimensions, the fifth dimension is the lowest, consisting of pure light and unconditional love through which the source's energy flows on its way down before it enters the Realms of limitations and duality.

6 This is the dimension beyond linear time, so there are many different timelines available. Physical existence is still possible on this level, although the body is lighter and has a different cell structure. Once the physical body has been completely transformed into this structure, there is no pain. Besides, there is no fear. It is the level of unconditional love and abundance that manifests itself in the physical. Our higher self is fully integrated (there) in our physical body and has taken the lead. This feels very different from just channeling the higher self. When your higher self completely penetrates the physical body for the first time, it is quite overwhelming. It is an intense energetic flow of unconditional love and everything feels light and comfortable. Before the higher self can be fully anchored in the physical body, the healing of all bodies (mental, emotional and physical) must be completed. Hence, your higher self will slip in and out for some time until it can remain permanent. You will know when your higher self is integrated, when you no longer question the universal flow and just trust your journey. You no longer feel the need to disturb or control this flow. In the fifth dimension, all of our actions are based on love.It is the level of One where we feel the connection to everyone and everything around us, including the Sacred Source Energy. In the fifth dimension we live within the unity consciousness, but still recognize ourselves as individuals, as part of the whole. (We no longer feel that we are receiving information from guides, angels or the star families through channeling. Now all of this comes much more intuitively and subtly from within, as we have become ONE with all that is. In the beginning it feels as if we were separated until we get used to this new kind of connection.) At this level we remember who we really are and are aware of our eternal soul. Manifestation is easy and the life of our dreams is our reality. In 5D everything comes without effort, because we have rediscovered that the universal energetic flow always guides us perfectly. There are no borders. We live in complete freedom and authenticity. Because there is no fear, no aging and no disease. We live as long as we want until we decide to leave the body. This happens smoothly and without pain. To live in 5D is to live from the heart. We are connected through our hearts and can instantly feel the connection and love. In the fifth dimension, our sexual desires change as we have reached our inner balance between the masculine and feminine energies. We have become energetically androgynous. Sexual energies can be experienced without physical contact with others. They can be created by the individual.

7 Therefore, sex no longer happens out of need or pleasure, but becomes an exchange between two whole people who vibrate on the same energetic level. Or it is experienced alone and is just as beautiful. Furthermore, the Third Energy, Divine Energy, is part of this experience and sexuality becomes the Holy Trinity in perfect balance. It is the strongest energy in creation. It is therefore not surprising that sex in 3D has been defined as shameful and sinful in order to keep people from discovering their true creative power. Once someone has raised their own frequency to a 5D level, the return to the lower dimensions is no longer possible unless the soul consciously chooses to do so. This was the choice of many star seeds and angelic beings who want to help humanity in ascension. People in 5D are immune to low frequencies because they don't feel any resonance with them. They do not attract any darkness and live exclusively in light. They cannot be seen by people in 3D unless they have already started their own ascension process and are open to the higher frequencies. That is when duality and linear time dissolve and all that is left is a life in the NOW. All experiences are embraced with gratitude because the soul knows that everything has its purpose for its own growth and expansion of consciousness. Contact with extraterrestrial and angelic beings becomes easy and is integrated into the daily experience. We receive information directly from the spirit, and telepathy, teleportation and telekinesis become possible. The fifth dimension is the dimension of deep trust and an inner knowing that everything is happening perfectly. At this level we have learned to move with the flow and let the Source flow through us to create miracles. There is no longer a need to be right in 5D as there is no ego. Our ego is transcended into a free mind and works hand in hand with body and soul. In the fifth dimension we no longer accept anything from people who have not yet reached this level. We know about their own luggage and their journey and do not judge or blame them, but love them unconditionally because we know that they are part of the whole. We know that there are no dangers and so there is no longer a need for protection. We know that our light shines so bright that it automatically absorbs the darkness. In 5D we live according to the universal energetic laws and know that we create what we think. There are no artificial, man-made rules or laws because people fully trust the energetic flow and where it leads and guides them. There is no longer a need for ownership or status as there is no competition and nothing to compare. Everything will be a great sharing. We are simple. We love each other and value our individuality as part of the whole. We know that our needs are always met and that we are looked after. Gratitude is always there. When we live in 5D permanently, we have reached a state of enlightenment. No wonder it is called heaven on earth.