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Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA)

Mock weapons

  • Apparent weapons are firearms which, according to their external shape, give the appearance of firearms in the overall appearance and in which no hot gases are used to propel the projectiles.
  • Replicas of firearms with the appearance of firearms
  • Disabled firearms with the appearance of firearms

The following photos each show an airsoft and the corresponding original weapon:

Cut and thrust weapons

Cutting and thrusting weapons are objects which, by their very nature, are intended to inflict injuries through direct use of muscle power by cutting, thrusting, stabbing, punching or throwing.

The following photos show examples of cutting and thrusting weapons that are subject to the ban on driving.
However, the Weapons Act allows a decisive exception in terms of legal conduct. If there is a legitimate interest, the prohibition does not apply. The Weapons Act gives examples of this: professional practice, cultivation of customs, sport or a generally recognized purpose. The list is not exhaustive, so any socially appropriate use of knives is still possible. According to the intention of the law, it is not a legitimate interest to carry a knife with you for defense purposes.

A combat knife and telescopic batons:

One-hand knives (blade length irrelevant) or fixed knives with a blade length of more than 12 cm: One-hand knives are knives with a blade that can be locked with one hand, the following illustrations show examples of knives that are subject to the ban on driving

One-hand knife with a button to open

One-hand knife with opening handle

Fixed knife with a blade length of over 12 cm