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The best group games for children: Our selection of kindergarten games

Again and again, in addition to educators, parents also find themselves embarrassed to keep larger or smaller groups of children busy with simple means. Be itin daycare, at the Children's birthday, in thevacation, because of a Overnight visit or at one Afternoon with friends. Usually children don't need that much stimulation and are happy as long as they can play with others. But sometimes it is good when adults have ideas about what to do with their free time. That is why we have put together a large selection of games for kindergarten children below. Most of the group games in our posts are suitable even for children in elementary school.

There are many Children's gamesthat can be played in small groups without much preparation. These include, for example, games in a circle or circle games or carnival games, which are often played in kindergarten or indoors in the apartment. Singing together or various hands-on games are just a few of the game options. Most of the time, children can also get creative themselves and think about alternative games on their own. With our fun games, the next children's birthday is sure to be a hit.

With us you will find the best group games for children.

On these pages you will find Group games for indoors and outdoors. Group games for outside are unfortunately often neglected. Games for outside are mostly movement games, which in turn contribute to the physical development of your child. Game ideas for smaller children as well as for children from 6 or for preschool children in kindergarten are explained here. As an educator, you are happy to find inspiration for your kindergarten games. In our guide you will not only find suitable games for groups, but also Learning and thinking games, as well as tips for using digital games and the computer. You can also find out what you should consider when it comes to children's toys. We have therefore put together games for children according to various criteria, such as age or season. Regardless of which category the games are in, all group games with children support teamwork enormously.

Here you will quickly find popular games and our guides: The following short table separates children's games for outdoors and indoors. Clicking on a sub-item takes you to the article in the respective category.

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Educational games: game ideas for daycare and elementary school

Games are vital to children's development. Both toddlers in daycare and schoolchildren should have enough time to play together. Educational games make use of children's natural instinct to play to impart knowledge in a specific area. In our article we provide you with a collection of educational exercises and… [Read more]

Balloon Games: Great ideas for kids games with balloons

Balloons are used on almost every children's birthday. Once the balloons are inflated, there is hardly a child who can hold still when a balloon floats through space. In our article we will therefore show you which balloon games are suitable for children of different age groups. (44 ratings, average: 4.00 from 5) Loading…

Detective games for children: ideas for fun puzzles with or without a magnifying glass

A children's birthday party under the motto “Detective Games” promises to be exciting for all visitors: It is important to solve puzzles and tasks and finally to achieve a goal. Find out here how to find the right game for inside or outside, for small or slightly larger children. (34 ratings, average: 4.06 of 5) Loading…

Pirate games for children: Lots of great game ideas with instructions

Most children like to dress up and take on someone else's role. Pirate games are a wonderful way to make this a reality. In our article, we would like to introduce you to some game ideas for the next pirate birthday at home or a successful pirate party in the day care center. (49 ratings, average: 4.71 of 5) Loading…

Marble games: creative game ideas for children

Marbles hold a strong fascination for children and also for many adults. It is not for nothing that there have even been official German championships in murmuring since 1996. In our article, however, it should not be about the competitive nature. We will introduce you to various marble games for small and slightly older children. In addition, you will receive tips on which game ideas are… [Read more]

Swing cloth games: Great games for daycare and elementary school

Swing cloths offer many different ways to bring children into contact with one another. In order to get the best out of the different cloths, we introduce you to various swing cloth games that are aimed at small and large children. (58 ratings, average: 4.36 of 5) Loading…

Icebreaker Games: The best ice breakers for kids groups

Whenever a new group needs to come into contact with one another, group leaders face great challenges in finding methods to familiarize the individual children with one another. Icebreaker games are particularly good to get acquainted with as they help to remove a cramped atmosphere. A few of the best games and at the same time simple ideas for the day care center… [Read more]

Snow games with children: game ideas for the funny snow flurry

There is hardly anything better than having snow in winter. If it's really cold outside and the sun is shining, you usually don't have to do too much to lure children outside. So that it doesn't get boring on the ski slopes or at the next children's birthday party in winter, we have various snow games for you… [Read more]

Games for large groups: Great ideas for daycare, groups of children and young people

For children, games are one of the most important things in the world. They help children interact with others and deal with the rules, and of course children's games are a lot of fun. In our article we introduce you to various games for large groups that are ideal for preschoolers, elementary school children or youth groups. (36 ratings, average: 4.10… [Read more]

Trust games for children: exercises for team building in daycare and school

Teamwork and trust are important qualities that children should learn not only in school, but already in daycare and kindergarten. In our article we introduce you to various trust games for different age groups and explain how and when they can best be used. (51 ratings, average: 4.33 of 5) Loading…

Witch games: game ideas for little magicians

The subject of witches, wizards and magicians is particularly popular with children. Once the witches have gathered, they naturally want to have fun and play exciting games to immerse themselves in the world of magic. Matching witch games make the party an unforgettable experience. If you are planning a witch party, you should make sure that you use the motto like this ...

Games without material: how to entertain children even without toys

Whether indoors, outdoors or on the go, children love to play. However, since the right accessories are not always available, in our article we list various games without material that are not only fun, but also educational. To make it easier for you to get an overview, we have divided the individual games into different… [Read more]

Games for toddlers: Suitable games for all ages

Games are one of the most important ways toddlers can learn. However, so that development does not come to a standstill, but children still have fun playing, parents have to constantly strive for new ideas. To make your search a little easier, we have put together various games for toddlers that are… [Read More]

Catch games: ideas for groups of children in kindergarten and physical education

Catch games are ideal for warming up in physical education classes. In contrast to school, individual catching games in kindergarten are already sufficient to make full use of the short sports phase. The big advantage of catching is that you don't need any equipment and you can start right away. In the following paragraphs we will introduce you to various ideas for fishing games that… [Read more]

Santa Claus games: ideas for games for the Santa Claus party with children

Playing is fun anytime, anywhere. Indoors or outdoors, special holidays are a great time to play games that are adapted to the occasion. There are many different St. Nicholas games that make the St. Nicholas celebration in kindergarten or school unforgettable. But also in the circle of the family these games can… [Read more]

Halloween games: ideas for party games at the children's Halloween party

A Halloween party without the right Halloween games for children - that is not possible. In our article, we therefore present you with various ideas for at home and give you tips on how to implement them with small children or even slightly older children. In general, with almost all party games for Halloween, these are for indoor and outdoor use.

Sports Games in Elementary School: Ideas for Exercise Games in Physical Education

Movement is one of the most important issues of the 21st century. Even if the motor skills of elementary school children seem to be improving in the meantime according to the current MoMo study, there are still too many children whose movement behavior leaves much to be desired. Sports games in elementary school are therefore an ideal way to make sports lessons interesting. So… [Read more]

Carnival games: Funny game ideas for children's carnivals

Carnival or Mardi Gras is a very special experience for children. The festival is celebrated in kindergarten, after-school care and in school. Finally, children get the opportunity to dress up and slip into other roles. But what would carnival be without fun community games? In our article we therefore provide you with various carnival games for… [Read more]

Kim Games: Training for Sensory Perception

Children must first learn to use their senses. Many things are tried out in kindergarten; babies start to recognize objects with their tongues beforehand. This gradually improves perception. The Kim games, which appeal to all of our senses, are dedicated to exactly this aspect. But where does the name come from and what exactly distinguishes it… [Read more]

Warm-up games for children: tips and tricks for a successful warm-up

Warm-up games for children are important to avoid injuries in sports. However, it is difficult to get children excited about a classic warm-up, in which the pulse is moderate and the movements are only increased slowly. By organizing warm-up games, you can actively influence the degree of movement and thus the warm-up.

Terrain games: tips, tricks and hints for playing outdoors

There are many different types of terrain games. Both large and small children can let off steam in the forest, on meadows or in the open. But what are the advantages of terrain games? Which ideas are suitable for different groups? And what aspects should you pay attention to when organizing such an outdoor game? In this… [Read more]

Scavenger hunt at children's birthday parties - tips for planning and implementation

A scavenger hunt is always something very special for children. This is especially true if she is well prepared and has tricky tasks and mind games ready. So if you want to give the birthday child a lot of joy with a treasure hunt, there are a few things to consider. In this guide we would like to provide you with information and inspiration about… [Read more]

Brain games for children: the best ideas to encourage your child to play

Many parents start early to support their children. One way to train intelligence is with mind games for children. But what do children actually learn through these games and what different mind games are there for children? In our article we will show you which areas can be promoted through corresponding games. You will also receive suggestions ... [Read more]

Keeping children busy: game ideas for indoors and outdoors

Keeping children busy can quickly become a full-time job for parents. It is important for children to occupy themselves independently and to immerse themselves in the game with playmates. Here you will find suggestions and tips for children's games and varied activities with and without adults. (22 ratings, average: 4.64 from 5) Loading…

Role play games for kids: how to train your child's imagination

Children often start playing role-playing games that they have thought up on their own. The older you get, the more detailed and creative the games become. In addition to fun and activity, the games support important children's developments. In the following guide we will tell you why role-play games are important for the development of children, which skills the children gain through the… [Read more]

Gordian knot - the group game explained for you

There are a lot of different games that are about communication and cooperation. The game “Gordian Knot” also belongs to this category. The advantage is that this game can also be played in large groups of people. But where does the name come from? And how does the game work exactly? We explain to you in our guide… [Read more]

Games for the children's Olympics: team games for the next outdoor children's birthday party

If the next children's birthday party should include the idea of ​​Olympia, it is important to find suitable games so that the day is unforgettable. In our guide you will find out which preparations you should make for the Children's Olympics and which fun competition games are ideal for an outdoor birthday. (61 ratings, average: 4.28 from 5) Loading…

Communication games: cooperation games that promote team spirit

Communication plays a very big role in our life. With the help of words, gestures and facial expressions, we can tell another person, for example, how we are and how we are feeling. However, communication skills are subject to a learning process and must be continuously developed. Because cooperation is only possible through good consultation. In our… [Read more]

Get to know each other games: With these get to know you games, children get to know each other successfully in daycare

When children meet for the first time, children's games make it easier to get to know each other. Not only children, but also adolescents and adults often find it difficult to get into a conversation at first. With a few fun games to get to know you can quickly create a relaxed atmosphere. In our article we introduce you to different games to get to know the children. Thereby… [Read more]

This is how you create a varied morning circle in kindergarten

In many crèches, kindergartens and daycare centers, the day starts with the so-called morning circle. There the children and educators can greet each other and sing together. The common ritual also strengthens group formation and social skills. But how can you make the morning circle varied? What game ideas are there? In our guide you will find many important… [Read more]

PCs for children from 2 years of age: This is how you regulate the use of digital devices after your children discover computers

Computers, tablets, laptops, smartphones - all of this has become an indispensable part of our modern world. For most adults, life without these things is hard to imagine. But as parents, most of you got along without a computer or cell phone at first. For your children, however, this is part of the ... [Read more]

Educational Games for Kids: The best educational games from kindergarten age and up

Educational games for children have always been in demand. But what do the educational games actually bring? Are they really that important and what different games are there? You will find answers to these and many other questions in our comprehensive guide. We explain what educational games for toddlers or educational games for preschoolers can do. We will also inform you… [Read more]

Kids Games: The best game ideas & games for 2 year olds and up

Children love to play for life. There is hardly a child who is not quickly inspired by a new game. But which game is good? What are the best game ideas for kids? Are there special games for 2-year-olds, 3-year-olds or also for 5-year-old children that you can play with them? Are there also… [Read more]

Good children's toys: labels offer orientation

Children's toys should be fun - in the best case scenario, they should encourage children's dexterity and creativity. Parents can still check these requirements for toys relatively easily. Criteria that go beyond this, such as child safety or health compatibility, are less easy to assess at first glance. It becomes even more difficult for the consumer when it comes to the question of whether the production ... [Read more]

Indoor Games: These are the games you should know about

You're not always lucky with the weather. Especially on vacation, at children's birthdays or family celebrations, it can be useful to know group games for children that can also be played well in the house. These games are also well suited as games in daycare. We therefore have a large selection of games for you inside… [Read more]

Games for outside: the right children's games for the summer

Screaming children on a birthday is something beautiful. So that you can really entertain the rascals at the next party, we have put together a selection of the best games or group games for outside. Many of the numerous movement games for children in our list are particularly suitable in the warm spring and summer months. Because what makes you happier ... [Read more]