Which Arduino board should a beginner buy

Which Arduino should I start with?

Hello everyone,

I started with the Arduino Leonardo ... and not that long ago. In addition, a couple of LEDs, a 2x16 LCD, a 128x64 GLCD, a DCF77 receiver, a plug-in power supply (offline test). Very important: experiment board with wire bridge set, a few connector strips, potentiometers, resistors, capacitors. Disadvantage: Many instructions are not written or designed for the Leonardo and have to be adapted yourself. Advantage: That forces you to deal with the matter a little more.

Another disadvantage: There are hardly any ready-made shields that match the Leonardo (mechanically yes ...).

Why the Leonardo anyway: the Leonardo has 4 PINS that can be used with interrupt functions (int0 - int3) and that's exactly what counted for my first project. That is why I deliberately did not take the UN. In addition, from my point of view, the ATmega32u4 is the better uC, as it has more ports and more SRAM, which is not unimportant for some projects.

Note for everyone who gets information here: When loading a sketch, the Leonardo resets the virtual serial port, then the serial monitor of the Arduino IDE closes and must be reopened manually after the serial port is back! Sample sketches often begin with opening serial communication and outputting it, here the (the?) Sketch has to be adapted, I like to use or

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