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Tamil shoes: How can you use the German word, the German expression Shoes translate into the Tamil language, i.e. into Tamil? Here is one of the different possibilities: The German term shoes can be translated into Tamil or the language of the Tamils ​​with Ghalanighal, also written Kalanikali. German shoes, Tamil Ghalanighal or Kalanikali.

Different spellings for Ghalanighal and Kalanikali

The Tamil word Ghalanighal can also be written Kalanikali. In Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka, Tamil or Tamil is written in the Tamil script. The Tamil script is mainly used in Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka. You can transcribe this into the Roman script in various ways, i.e. the script in which German is also written. Ghalanighal is written in the Tamil script, in the Tamil script காலணிகள். The Tamil script has a beautiful typeface, with lots of curves and curves. In large parts of India, especially in northern India, the Devanagari script is widespread. Ghalanighal in the Devanagari script is कालणिकऌ. In the scientific IAST transliteration, i.e. Roman script with diacritical marks, this expression is written kālaṇikaḷ, whereby Sanskrit connoisseurs should be aware that Tamil is pronounced differently than Sanskrit. No matter how you write it, it is always pronounced the same way. German shoes is in Tamil, in the Tamil language, Ghalanighal, Kalanikali, காலணிகள், कालणिकऌ or kālaṇikaḷ

German shoes - Tamil Ghalanighal

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The Tamil term Ghalanighal can be translated into German as shoes.

Shoes German - Tamil translation Ghalanighal.