Where did Remus Romulus come from

Who were Romulus and Remus?

Amulius did not want Romulus and Remus to ascend the throne later and therefore had them exposed on the Tiber. A Wolf but found the babies and nursed them. Later a shepherd named Faustulus took her home and raised her.

One day it became Remus captured by the shepherds of Numitor and brought to Numitor. Faustulus and Romulus then went to Numitor to free Remus. From the shepherd's story and the twins' resemblance to himself, he concluded that they were his grandchildren. They overthrew Amulius and brought Numitor back to the throne.

At the place where they had been found by Faustulus, Romulus and Remus now wanted to found a new city. However, they got in dispute. Remus made fun of the low wall Romulus had built as a fortification. He jumped over it. Then Romulus slew his brother and from then on ruled over Rome. The day the city was founded is said to be April 21, 753 BC. Have been.

But all of this is a legend. In fact, it seems that the villages on the seven hills, of which the Capitol and Palatine Hill are the most famous, slowly became a city. The location on the Tiber was favorable because a ford, a low point in the river, made it easy to cross the water here. The Tiber also offered a good location for a city as a shipping trade route. Kings then ruled Rome for about 250 years. Several of them were Etruscans.

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